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Maximus reviews Level I PASRR screens; provides onsite, independent PASRR Level II mental health and intellectual/developmental evaluations.

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Are you a licensed Behavioral Health Clinician or Registered Nurse with behavioral health experience interested in working as an assessor with the MS PASRR program? Contact our Recruiting team to learn more: Recruiting@maximus.com

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  • Quarterly Newsletter - Important Provider Updates and Reminders

    Hello and Happy Holidays to All!

    We at Maximus would like to thank you for your partnership with the Mississippi PASRR team throughout the year! We appreciate the opportunity to communicate with you, and for all your continued help gathering additional information for PASRR referrals.

    We know these last two years have been beyond challenging for many due to the impact of COVID-19, with continued isolation for some, overcoming illness and loss, and working longer hours than expected due to staff shortages and loss. As the PASRR mission states, our goal is ensure the individuals we serve are in the right placement and able to have their needs met. We are only able to meet these goals by way of your assistance, and we greatly value your essential contributions to the process. 

    We hope you are able to find some time to enjoy with family and friends during this holiday season. We know for some, this may be the first holiday after the loss of loved ones. Our thoughts are with you during this new season of your lives.

    We've compiled several helpful reminders and updates below. Please review at your earliest convenience, and Happy Holidays.

    Our best to you!
    The Mississippi PASRR Team

    REVIEW: PASRR Provider Training Recording

    Thank you again to all who attended the PASRR training session held on October 14. We had a fantastic turnout, with over 150 participants. We appreciate all the feedback shared in the survey and hope to address some suggested topics over the coming months. 

    For those who didn’t have the opportunity to attend, please use this link to listen to the recording of the training. Feel free to reach out to the MSPASRR@maximus.com with any follow up questions.

    Be on the lookout in January for an upcoming announcement about an hour-long Quarterly Q&A session. This will be an open discussion on any topics/questions providers have about the PASRR process.


    1.) There were several requests in the Provider Training Survey for additional information on Waiver services. Please review the links below for the Mississippi Division of Medicaid’s webpages for Waiver Services and Transition to Community Referral (TCR):

    2.) Per our agreement with Mississippi Division of Medicaid, all interviews with individuals must be completed using a HIPAA compliant Zoom account. No other platform is approved for completing these interviews (FaceTime, What’s App, etc.).

    After receiving an assignment, an Independent Contractor Assessor will call the submitter/facility contact to arrange a Zoom interview with the individual. Once a time is set, the IC will email the Zoom invite to the submitter/facility contact. If your facility does not have the capability to complete Zoom interviews, please inform the IC why it can’t be completed using Zoom. 

    Note: if you don’t have the technology to complete a Zoom interview, our state officer has informed us there is an existing grant to help facilities acquire needed technology to make sure these interviews can be competed using Zoom.

    3.) Per a request from the Provider Training survey, we've provided an outline of the purpose and process of Service Monitoring (SM):

    • Purpose of SM: identifies if the nursing facility is incorporating PASRR recommended Specialized and Rehabilitative services in Care Plan. SM determines provider compliance with federal regulations and state rules which requires a provider to update and individual’s Plan of Care with the services and supports identified in the PASRR Summary of Findings. 
    • Process: a Maximus staff person sends a SM request via fax to the submitter that both identifies who the request is for, and outlines the required documents to be submitted with the submission deadline. If no response is received after 15 days, a second request will be sent. If there’s still no response, the SM request will be closed as “non responsive.” Note: if an individual is discharged <15 days from admission, please respond to the SM request via fax with this information and Maximus will close the request. 

    Required Documents to be Submitted for a SM Request:

    Service Monitoring DBR form (available here

    • MDS and POC showing the specialized and rehabilitative services have been incorporated into goals 
    • Orders or MAR (please submit only one of these) 
    • Psych Assessment (if available) or most recent psych notes 

    In order for our Quality Coordinator to proceed with completing the SM review, all documents must be received.

    LTSS Implementation:

    • As mentioned in our Provider Training, MS DOM plans to transition from using Envision to LTSS for all Preadmission Screenings and Status Changes in April 2022. We will continue to provide additional updates as we receive them. 

    QUESTIONS? Contact MS PASRR Help Desk

                 Email: MSPASRR@maximus.com
                 Phone: 833.967.2777


  • Important Update: New Survey Process | Register for 10/14 Provider Training Session

    The Mississippi PASRR Team has put together some helpful process updates for your review, including updates to the recent return to virtual assessments guidelines, and a new Customer Satisfaction Survey. Also, be sure to review and register for the upcoming October 14 Provider Training as well. 

    BEST PRACTICE: Assessors Returning to Virtual Assessments

    We have received notification from our state partners at the Mississippi Division of Medicaid that Assessors can immediately transition back to completing all Level II assessments virtually. Maximus is currently working to obtain a HIPAA-compliant Zoom account for each Assessor to complete assessment interviews with the individual and their family/caregivers (if available).

    Using Zoom allows Assessors the ability to put eyes on the individual during the assessment, and gives family/caregivers the opportunity to participate as well. Until Zoom accounts are set up, Assessors will continue to complete interviews telephonically.

    What do we need from you?

    Maximus is asking for your assistance with arranging a time for Assessors to complete their interviews with the referred individual

    1. The Assessor will contact the Level I submitter/facility staff to arrange a time for the Zoom interview.
    2. Once a time is set, the Assessor will email a copy of the Zoom invite to the submitter/facility staff person.
    3. Submitter/facility staff person is asked to confer with the referred individual to see if they would like any of their family and/or caregivers (directly involved in the person’s care) to be invited to participate in the interview, and forward the email invitation to the family/caregivers.
    4. Submitter/facility staff person who received the Zoom invite is asked to provide a laptop or tablet to the referred individual at the time of the interview and assist with meeting login (if needed) to ensure timely participation in the assessment. 

    We appreciate your cooperation toward ensuring a smooth interim transition to a fully virtual assessment process for those we serve.

    PROCESS UPDATE: New Customer Satisfaction Survey

    Maximus is in the process of obtaining an important healthcare industry best practice accreditation from URAC, a non-profit organization that helps promote health care quality through the accreditation of organizations involved in medical care services. 

    As part of this accreditation process, we are now asking Assessors to distribute a Satisfaction Survey to the interview participants. When the Assessor sends the Zoom invite, she/he will attach a copy of the new Consumer Satisfaction Survey to the Zoom invite. 

    We ask that you will provide the referred individual with a copy of this new survey form. The Assessor will explain the process for completion and return of the survey.

    REGISTER: PASRR Provider Training | 1:00 p.m. CT on Thursday, 10/14

    Be sure to register below to join the Training team for the upcoming MS PASRR Provider Training on Thursday, October 14 at 1 p.m. CT. This webinar will be of benefit for both those who are new to the program, and those with great experience with PASRR. Some of the topics include, but are not limited to, a refresher on the PASRR process, a review of the PASRR federal requirements, available MS resources, an introduction to new processes coming down the pipeline, along with some other relevant topics. Use the link below to register in advance for this informative upcoming session.

    QUESTIONS? Contact MS PASRR Help Desk

                 Email: MSPASRR@maximus.com
                 Phone: 833.967.2777

  • Quarterly Provider Newsletter: Register for Upcoming 10/14 Webinar | Reminder - Recent Transition to In-Person Assessing | Help Desk Email Change Coming 9/01

    This quarter we've gathered some important updates for the Mississippi provider, including topics and details for joining the upcoming 10/14 PASRR Provider Training, a reminder on the transition back to in-person assessments which took place earlier this June, as well as a change to the MS PASRR Help Desk email address coming this September. Continue reading below to learn more.

    REGISTER: Join the PASRR Provider Training -  1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. CT Thursday, 10/14

    This webinar will be of benefit for both those who are new and those with great experience with PASRR. Some of the topics include, but are not limited to, a refresher on the PASRR process, a review of the PASRR federal requirements, learn about some available MS resources, an introduction to new processes coming down the pipeline, along with some other relevant topics. 

    Be sure to join the Mississippi PASRR training team for it's Fall 2021 Provider Training Webinar at 1 p.m. CT on October 14. Select the link below to register in advance this upcoming session.

    PASRR Provider Training: 1 p.m. - 3 p.m. CT Tuesday, October 14, 2021
    Call: +1 651.964.2079
    Phone Conf ID: 150 216 984#

    PROCESS REMINDER: Return to Face-to-Face Assessments

    Earlier this summer, the Mississippi PASRR program transitioned to a new assessment model, which now includes the option for in-person assessments. Telephonic evaluations may still be selected as the preferred assessment method in the following instances:

    • If the Assessor is informed by the MS PASRR PSS team or a nursing facility that the facility is closed to visitors, due to a current outbreak of Covid-19, or
    • If a referred individual shares with facility staff that they are not comfortable doing a face-to-face interview or are not comfortable wearing a surgical mask during the interview process.

    What to expect with an in-person assessment
    Assessors are taking the necessary steps to prepare for this transition in the safest manner possible, relying on CDC guidelines and best practices:

    • Assessors will call in advance to arrange the in-person visit.
    • Steps to be taken include the stringent use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) during each visit.
    • Assessors will work directly with the Maximus support team to submit health assessment forms on any days where an in-person interview is planned.

    Have questions about this process change? Please contact the MS PASRR Help Desk team for assistance:

                 Email: Ascend-MSPASRR@maximus.com
                 Phone: 833.967.2777

    COMING SOON: Help Desk Email to Change September 1
    The program's support email address is changing. Please note that the existing MS PASRR Help Desk support account will be simplified from Ascend-MSPASRR@maximus.com to MSPASRR@maximus.com. beginning on Wednesday, September 1

    Note: After the 9/01 transition date, any messages sent to the old email account will continue to be automatically forwarded to the new account. 

    SUPPORT: Mississippi PASRR Help Desk Contacts

                 Email: Ascend-MSPASRR@maximus.com
                 Phone: 833.967.2777