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Maximus reviews Level I PASRR screens; provides onsite, independent PASRR Level II mental health and intellectual/developmental evaluations.

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  • Quarterly Provider Newsletter: Register for Upcoming 10/14 Webinar | Reminder - Recent Transition to In-Person Assessing | Help Desk Email Change Coming 9/01

    This quarter we've gathered some important updates for the Mississippi provider, including topics and details for joining the upcoming 10/14 PASRR Provider Training, a reminder on the transition back to in-person assessments which took place earlier this June, as well as a change to the MS PASRR Help Desk email address coming this September. Continue reading below to learn more.

    REGISTER: Join the PASRR Provider Training -  1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. CT Thursday, 10/14

    This webinar will be of benefit for both those who are new and those with great experience with PASRR. Some of the topics include, but are not limited to, a refresher on the PASRR process, a review of the PASRR federal requirements, learn about some available MS resources, an introduction to new processes coming down the pipeline, along with some other relevant topics. 

    Be sure to join the Mississippi PASRR training team for it's Fall 2021 Provider Training Webinar at 1 p.m. CT on October 14. Select the link below to register in advance this upcoming session.

    PASRR Provider Training: 1 p.m. - 3 p.m. CT Tuesday, October 14, 2021
    Call: +1 651.964.2079
    Phone Conf ID: 150 216 984#

    PROCESS REMINDER: Return to Face-to-Face Assessments

    Earlier this summer, the Mississippi PASRR program transitioned to a new assessment model, which now includes the option for in-person assessments. Telephonic evaluations may still be selected as the preferred assessment method in the following instances:

    • If the Assessor is informed by the MS PASRR PSS team or a nursing facility that the facility is closed to visitors, due to a current outbreak of Covid-19, or
    • If a referred individual shares with facility staff that they are not comfortable doing a face-to-face interview or are not comfortable wearing a surgical mask during the interview process.

    What to expect with an in-person assessment
    Assessors are taking the necessary steps to prepare for this transition in the safest manner possible, relying on CDC guidelines and best practices:

    • Assessors will call in advance to arrange the in-person visit.
    • Steps to be taken include the stringent use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) during each visit.
    • Assessors will work directly with the Maximus support team to submit health assessment forms on any days where an in-person interview is planned.

    Have questions about this process change? Please contact the MS PASRR Help Desk team for assistance:

                 Email: Ascend-MSPASRR@maximus.com
                 Phone: 833.967.2777

    COMING SOON: Help Desk Email to Change September 1
    The program's support email address is changing. Please note that the existing MS PASRR Help Desk support account will be simplified from Ascend-MSPASRR@maximus.com to MSPASRR@maximus.com. beginning on Wednesday, September 1

    Note: After the 9/01 transition date, any messages sent to the old email account will continue to be automatically forwarded to the new account. 

    SUPPORT: Mississippi PASRR Help Desk Contacts

                 Email: Ascend-MSPASRR@maximus.com
                 Phone: 833.967.2777

  • Quarterly Provider Newsletter: Important Updates Regarding the Program's Upcoming Return to Face-to-Face Program Assessments

    In this Spring 2021 edition of the Mississippi PASRR Quarterly Newsletter we share an important update from the MS Office of Long Term Care regarding Level II screenings. Read on to review the State's press release, as well as the critical steps that will be taken by MS PASRR assessors and the Maximus program support team, once these changes are in place.

    PRESS RELEASE: Attention Nursing Facility Providers

    Attention Nursing Facility Providers:

    Effective June 1, 2021, Maximus/Ascend will resume face-to-face Level II screenings within nursing facilities. You will receive more detailed communication within the upcoming days from Maximus/Ascend that will explain what can be expected as assessors return to in-person screenings within your facility. 

    If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Long Term Care by emailing LaShunda.Woods@medicaid.ms.gov or calling 601.359.5251.

    PROCESS UPDATE: PASRR Level II Assessments
    In preparation for the planned June 1st return to performing face-to-face PASRR evaluations, Maximus would like to inform you of some steps our assessors MUST take when planning for their facility visits.

    1. When the assessor receives the referral, they will contact the facility to speak to either the submitter or one of your staff working with the referred individual to ask the following questions:

      a.) Is your facility currently open to visitors (no current closure due to a Covid -19 outbreak)?

      b.)Is the referred individual comfortable meeting for a face to face interview?

    2. If the answer to either of the above questions is "NO," the PASRR evaluation will be completed telephonically (as has been done since last year). 

    3. If the answers to BOTH the questions are "YES,", the assessor may proceed and MUST schedule a date/3 hour window with your staff to come onsite and complete the evaluation.

    4. Health and safety guidelines: All Maximus assessors are required to wear a mask and follow social distancing guidelines while onsite. In addition, they are required to complete a health screening each day, prior to visiting any facility.

    5. Please be aware that all assessors must submit their completed evaluation back to Maximus within 48 hours of assignment to ensure that MS DMH can finalize the remaining steps of the PASRR process within federal timelines.

    QUESTIONS? Mississippi PASRR Support Resources     

    If you have specific questions about this process, please feel free to reach out to MS PASRR Program Manager, Lori Crawford, LCSW: 629.230.513 | LoriMCrawford@Maximus.com
    For all other general program questions, contact the MS PASRR Help Desk:

    Phone: 833.967.2777
    Email: Ascend-MSPASRR@maximus.com

  • Quarterly Newsletter: Service Monitoring Insights, Resources & Reminders

    Hello Mississippi Providers,

    We hope this finds you well! We would like to take a moment to thank you all for being so available to both our staff, when they have questions regarding PASRR referrals, as well as our assessors, as they continue to navigate completing PASRR assessments telephonically. We realize this has been a challenging time for all involved and are grateful for the collaboration with each of you!

    We have had several questions come up recently regarding our Service Monitoring process and the documents required when submitting a PAS or status change referral. We hope you will find the information below helpful in addressing some of the questions you may have. 

    Lori Crawford, MS PASRR Program Manager

    What is Service Monitoring?

    Service Monitoring is a thorough quality review of referrals with a completed Level II PASRR assessment (for those completed 3 months prior) to ensure all recommended specialized and rehabilitative services were/have been incorporated into the individual's care plan.

    Here are the steps involved in the Service Monitoring process - our Maximus Quality Clinician:

    1. Contacts the facility to verify the individual is still onsite or their stay was >15 days.

    2. Faxes a notification letter to the facility submitter to notify of the Service Monitoring review and requests required supporting documents be faxed to Maximus. The provider has 15 days from date of receiving the first fax notification.  If there is no response within 15 days, a second notification is faxed. There's an additional 15 days provided from that point for a response. Documents requested to be faxed include:

    • The Maximus DBR form (found on the MS PASRR - Maximus provider website but also faxed with the notification from the Quality Reviewer)
    • The individual's Plan of Care (POC) documenting the recommended specialized and rehabilitative services
    • MDS
    • Psych evaluation 
    • MD notes 

    3. Once received, the Quality Reviewer reviews all documents to confirm inclusion of all recommended services.

    4. If not included in the POC, the Quality Reviewer will work with provider to incorporate them into the POC.

    5. Once the Service Monitoring process is complete, the Quality Reviewer will fax an outcome letter to the provider.

    6. To be considered compliant with this process, all documents must be received no later than 15 days after receipt of the request. If there are no documents received after the first and second attempts, Maximus will notify the Mississippi Division of Medicaid of Service Monitoring non-compliance.

    The Service Monitoring process is not required for any individuals who weren't admitted or were on site <15 days. Additional notification requests are faxed to the facility if no response is received within 15 days. It is possible a facility may be required to complete Service Monitoring for more than one referral within a month.

    Our Maximus Quality Clinician is here to help with this process! Please don't hesitate to reach out to our MS PASRR Help Desk if you have any questions.  

    What documents are required for submission of a PAS or a Status Change Referral? 

    It is important that Maximus receives the required documents at the time of submission each referral. This allows Maximus clinicians to complete the process of reviewing the referrals in a timely manner. 

    Here is a list of required documents when submitting a referral:

    1. Pre-admission Screening (PAS) submitted via Envision:  the PAS and the PAS summary, and the H&P (dated within the past year).
    2. Resident Review submitted via fax: Status Change form (please make sure this is signed and dated), the H & P (dated within the past year), MAR. Psych eval (if a recent one has been done), and 3-5 days of nursing notes.

    Service Monitoring - Helpful Tips

    • Make sure to check that all documents submitted are ONLY for the individual being referred.
    • If submitting more than one referral at a time via the Maximus fax line, submit each referral and supporting documentation in separate faxes.
    • Consider breaking up larger groups of pages in a fax or Envision into two faxes/attachments. This prevents files from being corrupted.

    CONTACT: Reach Out to the Help Desk

    Phone: 833.967.2777
    Email: Ascend-MSPASRR@maximus.com
    Web: https://maximusclinicalservices.com/svcs/mississippi

  • Quarterly Provider Newsletter: Best Practice Reminders

    This quarter we've gathered some helpful guidance for the state's provider community. Please read on below for an important best practice tip regarding required assessment documents, as well as the program's Help Desk contact details.

    BEST PRACTICE: Documents to Include with Assessments

    There are several critical documents that should be included with each referral submission. A few items to keep in mind:

    • When submitting a Level II, the Level of Care form must be included and completed in full.
    • Be sure that the individual's History and Physical is included with every assessment. The H&P is vital for decisions regarding appropriate placement.
    • Always include the practitioner certification and/or MD attestation when asking for an exemption or categorical approval.

    Note: None of these documents should be more than one year old, when submitted.  

    SUPPORT: Contact the MS PASRR Help Desk
    Have questions about the upcoming transition? Contact the MS PASRR Help Desk: 

    Ascend-MSPASRR@maximus.com |  833.967.2777