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Maximus reviews Level I PASRR screens; provides onsite, independent PASRR Level II mental health evaluations.

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  • Quarterly Provider Newsletter: Register for January 23 Q&A Session | LTSS and Status Change Reminders

    Dear Mississippi PASRR Providers,

    Thank you for partnering with us on this PASRR journey! We appreciate each of you and the time you contribute to this process. Keep in mind that we are always here for you to help if you have any questions about the PASRR process or a referral.

    Please read on below for some important tips and reminders, and Happy New Year 2023 from the entire MS PASRR Team at Maximus!


    Lori Crawford, Program Manager

    REGISTER: Quarterly Q&A Session | Monday, January 23 at 1:00 p.m. CT

    Be sure to join Maximus and MS DOM for the next scheduled Q&A session, taking place on Monday, January 23 at 1:00 p.m. CT. These webinars are a time for open discussion and your opportunity to ask any questions you have about the MS PASRR process. The team will also provide a review about recent updates to the Status Change process and inputting required information in an LTSS screen.

    Click the link below to register, and share the invite with anyone from your agency whom you believe will benefit from attending:

    Quarterly MS PASRR Q&A Session | 1 p.m. CT on Monday, January 23

    BEST PRACTICES: LTSS System Reminders

    When inputting a new LTSS Screen, it is very important to include the following information to ensure the referral can be reviewed in a timely manner and avoid the need for a Maximus Clinical Reviewer to call the submitter:

    • Always include the person’s social security number in their profile. Maximus requires this to upload the referral into our system. It also helps us identify whether the person already had prior referrals so we can review previous documentation/referral information.
    • Always list the name, address, and phone number for the person’s medical doctor in the Representative section of their profile. It is a federal PASRR requirement for the MD to receive a copy of the Level II outcome letter.
    • Make sure to always attach required documentation to the original referral, including the most recent H&P (dated within the last 12 months), medication orders, and (if available) a copy of the psych eval and/or notes. When we receive these at submission, it allows us to process these more quickly.
    • If the referred individual is on hospice and will qualify for a Terminal Illness Exemption, please submit an a statement signed by the MD that the person has 6 months or less to live. This will allow us to process this exemption right away. 
    • In the LTSS system, there is a Message Center (located in the upper right corner of your screen on the top bar). Please check regularly to see if you have any messages and reply as quickly as possible. Maximus will always send a message in LTSS first - this message center allows us to communicate with you directly and quickly (instead of a phone call) to request additional information which allows us to complete our clinical review of the referral and determine if a Level II evaluation is required.  

    PROCESS: Status Changes (SC) Guidance

    The Mississippi PASRR team continues to receive several questions about the Status Change (SC) process. Please take some time to review the guidelines on our MS PASRR Provider website, where you will find many helpful resources:

    Significant Change in Condition Guide: this provides clarification about when a SC is and isn’t required. 

    Mississippi PASRR Status Change Request From: always use this form when submitting a SC. Because a Level Of Care (LOC) form is required in MS for all SC referrals submitted, the SC form is now combined with the LOC form in a fillable PDF. Make sure to save a copy on your desktop for quick reference.

    Just fill it out on your computer, print, sign and fax it with all the required documentation (most recent H&P dated within the last 12 months, Orders, and psych eval or notes, if available) to Attn: MS PASRR at 877.431.9568.

    Note: Please do not send the person’s Plan of Care or MDS. These aren’t needed for a Status Change referral, only Service Monitoring request.

    SUPPORT: Contact the Mississippi PASRR Help Desk

    Phone: 833.967.2777
    Email: MSPASRR@maximus.com

  • Provider Updates: Best Practice Tips & Reminders

    Hello Providers, 

    We understand there have been many changes in the last month, and our team is committed to making the PASRR referral process as efficient as possible. Please review several important reminders below that will limit the need for Maximus to contact Providers, and assist Providers in processing all LTSS PASRR referrals in a timely manner. 

    Thank you so much for your attention to these important reminders, and as always, don't hesitate to reach out to the Mississippi PASRR Help Desk if you have any questions.

    Lori Crawford, MS PASRR Program Manager

    BEST PRACTICES: Assessment Tips & Reminders

    1. When creating an individual's profile, always add the individual’s MD Name, complete address, and phone number in the Representative section. Keep in mind that you are able to add more than one type of representative in this section.

    The example below shows where the individual’s MD information should be entered. The name and phone number for the MD were included, along with identifying Current Physician as the Representative type. However, the address needs to be added on this example referral:

    Note: Level II Determination Letters and the Summary of Findings are mailed to the doctor, which is why it is important to have the mailing address.

    2. Always add the individual’s address to their profile. Use the Address Type dropdown, and choose the corresponding type of location and add the full address.

    The example below shows where the individual’s address should appear in the profile. Please do not leave this section blank

    3. Make sure to add required attachments at the time of the LTSS Screening submission. These are used to determine whether an individual fits into PASRR population, and prevents the need for a Maximus staff person to contact the submitter:

    • History & Physical dated within the last twelve months (Required)
    • Orders (Required)
    • Psych Evaluation/Notes (if available to support mental health dx and treatment) 

    If you experience difficulty adding more than one document in the system, please remember to provide feedback in the system using the Feedback tool. While on the page where you're having an issue, click on Menu-->Feedback-->Create, and add details about the problem you're experiencing. This provides immediate feedback to the vendor.

    4. Check your Message Center daily for communication from Maximus staff.  The Message Center tab shows in the upper right hand corner of the page you’re logged on. When you hover over the Message Center tab, it shows “Home” or “New Message”. Click the Home button and the Message Center will open in a new tab. A new message will be highlighted. 

    If you have a new message, the number will change to represent how many messages you have. Be sure to respond to all messages as quickly as possible. This allows the Maximus staff to gather required information in a more efficient manner (as opposed to a phone call) and process the referral in a timely manner. 


    SUPPORT: Contact the Mississippi PASRR Help Desk

    Phone: 833.967.2777
    Email: MSPASRR@maximus.com

  • Quarterly Newsletter: LTSS Reminders | Holiday Closures | Register for Quarterly Q&A Webinar - Monday, 10/10 @ 1 p.m. CT | Virtual Level II PASRR Assessments

    In this latest edition of the Mississippi PASRR Quarterly Newsletter, the program support team shares some insightful best practice tips about the recently launched state system, LTSS, for completing PASRR referrals. A list of upcoming holiday closures, registration details for the upcoming Provider Quarterly Q&A Webinar and a reminder on the continuing use of virtual assessments. Continue reading below to learn more.

    BEST PRACTICES: Assessment Tips & Reminders

    With the implementation of the new LTSS System for completing PASRR referrals, we’d like to share a couple of helpful reminders:

    1. In LTSS, there is a Message Center: this allows Maximus staff to communicate directly with submitters to request additional details/documentation for referrals. Please check your message center notification regularly. On the home page in LTSS in the upper right-hand corner, you will see the Message Center. If there is a number there, it indicates the number of messages you’ve received. Please remember to respond to messages in a timely manner so we can process your referrals as quickly as possible.

    If there’s a request for additional documents, please fax those to Maximus at 877.431.9568 – Attn: MS PASRR.

    Note: at the time of submitting a referral, please ALWAYS attach an H & P (dated within the last 12 months) and Treatment Orders. If you have a psych eval and/or psych note, include those, as well. Attaching these to the original submission will usually eliminate the need for further document requests.

    Only a Level I PAS can be submitted in LTSS. Please continue to submit all Status Changes to Maximus via fax using the new combined SC/LOC form available on our provider website. Always include all supporting documents (same as noted above for a PAS).

    CALENDAR: Upcoming Holiday Closures 

    • Veterans Day - Friday, November 11
    • Thanksgiving - Thursday, November 24
    • Day after Thanksgiving - Friday, November 25
    • Christmas Day - Observed on Monday, December 26
    • New Year’s Day - Observed on Friday, December 31

    LEARNING OPPORTUNITY: Register for Quarterly Provider Q&A Webinar | Next Monday, October 10, 2022

    On next Monday, October 10, the Mississippi PASRR team will host the next Quarterly Provider Q&A Webinar. Select the link below to register for this insightful session.

    When: Oct 10, 2022 at 1:00 – 2:30 PM CT

    Topic: MS PASRR Quarterly Provider Q & A
    Register in advance for this webinar | 1:00 p.m. CT Monday, October 10

    After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar. As always, please reach out to our MS PASRR Help Desk for any questions.

    PROCESS TIP: Virtual Assessments 

    All Level II PASRR assessments continue to be completed virtually using Zoom. Our assessors will continue to reach out to providers to get these scheduled as soon as possible.

    SUPPORT: Contact the Mississippi PASRR Help Desk

    Phone: 833.967.2777
    Email: MSPASRR@maximus.com

  • EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT - Register for Long Term Services and Supports Case Management System Training | August 23 - September 1, 2022

    The Mississippi Division of Medicaid is transitioning institutional admission and discharge processes (including Level of Care Screening) from our legacy Envision system to our Long Term Services and Supports Case Management System, eLTSS, in September 2022

    In advance of the implementation, DOM will be hosting a series of recorded webinars intended to provide training on the eLTSS system to users who support those processes. Registration links for each of the four initial sessions are below. Users will need to register for each session to participate. To ensure that all Providers have equal access to the live webinar due to capacity limitations, DOM asks that organizations register 1-2 users and then gather to view the webinar where possible.

    Once you click on the registration link, you will be provided a summary of what will be covered in that session.

    Note: If you already registered for these events, no further action is required.

    Please be advised that DOM will not be implementing the 317 portion of this system change until November 1, 2022. Training sessions for those processes will likely occur in mid-October.  

    Update provided on behalf of DOM by:
    Misty Jenkins
    Solutions Management, Long Term Services and Supports
    Mississippi Division of Medicaid 

    DOM eLTSS System Training – Session 1 - High Level Navigation Training Registration: Tuesday, August 23, 2022 – 1:00 – 2:00 p.m. CT

    Click here to register.

    DOM eLTSS System Training – Session 2 - Level of Care Assessment & Informed Choice Registration: Wednesday, August 24, 2022 – 12:30 – 2:00 p.m. CT

    Click here to register.

    UPDATED - DOM eLTSS System Training – Session 3 - PASRR Level II & General Implementation Questions Registration: Tuesday, August 30, 2022 – 12:00 – 1:00 p.m. CT

    Click here to register.

    NEW - DOM eLTSS System Training – Session 4 – Transition to Community Referral (TCR) Registration: Thursday, September 1, 12:00 – 1:00 p.m. CT

    Click here to register.

    SUPPORT: Contact the Mississippi PASRR Help Desk

    Phone: 833.967.2777
    Email: MSPASRR@maximus.com

  • EVENT RECAP: Listen to Recording of 8/9 MS PASRR Provider Training – Determining if an Individual Fits Into PASRR Population

    Thanks to all who attended the recent Provider webinar, Determining if an Individual Fits Into PASRR Population that took place on Tuesday, August 9. Dr. Susan Rieck and Dr. Judith Regan provided an insightful overview of the definition of Serious Mental illness as well as Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities. In addition, we reviewed Level I outcomes and how Maximus Clinical Reviewers determine if an individual requires a Level II PASRR evaluation.  

    If you were unable to attend the session or would simply like a refresher on the topics discussed, click the link below to review a recording of the presentation. 

    MS PASRR Provider Training (Passcode+91@Z5@S)