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Maximus conducts onsite uniform waiver assessment services using the Supports Intensity Scale® (SIS®).

If your Agency/Nursing Facility/Hospital is interested in the completion of needed Supports Intensity Scale (SIS®) assessments via a telehealth solution, due to the current COVID-19 situation, please contact the TN PASRR Help Desk for more information: Ascend-TNPASRR@maximus.com | 844.968.6747

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Are you a bachelor's level professional with extensive experience working with individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities and interested in working as an assessor with the TN SIS program? Contact our Recruiting team to learn more: Recruiting@maximus.com

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  • TN Assessment Services: Return to Field Updates | Review Reminders + Next Steps

    Starting next Sunday, August 1, the following Tennessee Assessment Services programs - Audits and Appeals, PASRR, Katie Beckett Waiver, and SIS, will transition to a new hybrid assessment model, which includes the  option for in-person assessments. Per state guidance, virtual evaluations may still be selected as the preferred assessment method in the following instances:

    • If the Assessor determines that the facility is closed to visitors, due to a current outbreak of Covid-19, or 
    • If the assessment is being completed in a home setting and the family or individual is not comfortable having visitors in their home, or 
    • If a referred individual shares with facility staff or the IC that they are not comfortable doing a face-to-face interview or are not comfortable wearing a surgical mask during the interview process.

    Read on for more helpful assessment tips and best practice reminders as we move closer to the launch date for the new hybrid model. 

    PROCESS: What to Expect with Face-to-Face Assessments?

    Assessors are taking necessary steps to prepare for this transition in the safest manner possible, relying on CDC guidelines and best practices.

    • Assessors will call in advance to arrange the in-person visit.
    • Steps to be taken include the stringent use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) during each visit. doing a face-to-face interview or are not comfortable wearing a surgical mask during the interview process.
    • Assessors will work directly with the Maximus support team to submit health assessment forms on any days where an in-person interview is planned. 

    QUESTIONS? Contact the Tennesseee Contracts Help Desk
    If you have questions about this process change, please contact the TN Help Desk team for assistance:
                 Email: Ascend-TNPASRR@maximus.com
                 Phone: 833.617.2777