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Maximus performs Pre-Admission Screening and Resident Review (PASRR) Level I screens and Level II evaluations on individuals who are applying to or residing in Medicaid-certified nursing homes. This federally mandated assessment process is used to determine whether the nursing home is the appropriate placement for individuals with mental illness, intellectual disabilities or developmental disabilities. PASRR functions as an essential method to help match individuals with the care and services they need. Ascend also performs nursing facility Level of Care Determinations for all Level II evaluations.

Access Request for TN PASRR AMI - This form is provided to request Standard Provider Access or Supervisor Access to the TN PASRR - AMI System.  

If you need a copy of a TN PASRR report, please click here to fill out a request form and a report will be securely emailed to you.  

If you would like to be added to the email list for provider newsletters and information, please fill out this form.

If you need an ID number to submit a TN PASRR and do not have a Social Security number or other ID number, please submit this form.  

This ID Number is ONLY for the completion of PASRR and should not be used with TennCare or any other payer source.  If any type of ID# is determined, such as Visa, Temporary Resident ID or any other,  please contact the PASRR Help Desk to make that change. You cannot use this number to submit a PAE to TNCare, you will need to reach out to the TennCare Help Desk for assistance should you need to submit a PAE via TennCare.  

TN PASRR Discharge Request (Pathtracker Change) Form

If you need to request a discharge of a patient in Pathtracker so your facility is able to admit them, please fill out this form. Before submitting, be sure to reach out to the facility listed in Pathtracker and ask them to discharge. If you are unable to reach anyone, then you may submit this form and we will complete the discharge in Pathtracker.  

TN PASRR Cancellation Request Form

If you are an Independent Contractor Assessor, PASRR Submitter, or a Provider requesting a cancellation of a PASRR, please fill out this form. Once we receive the information, we can proceed with the cancellation. 

If your Agency/Nursing Facility/Hospital is interested in the completion of Preadmission Screening and Resident Review (PASRR) assessments via a telehealth solution, due to the current COVID-19 situation, please contact the TN PASRR Help Desk for more information: TNPASRR@maximus.com | 833.617.2777

*IMPORTANT PROCESS UPDATE: the state of Public Health Emergency officially ended on May 11, 2023. Going forward, hospitals must complete the PASRR prior to discharge.  As of May 12, 2023 there will no longer be a 30-day grace period for admitting nursing facilities to submit and obtain a PASRR after admission.*

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Are you a Master's level human services professional or Registered Nurse with behavioral health experience interested in becoming an Independent Contractor with the TN PASRR program? We are also seeking Licensed Psychologists to conduct IQ Testing.  Contact our recruiting team to learn more: Recruiting@maximus.com

If you are interested in direct hire employment opportunities within the TN PASRR program or other Maximus clinical programs, please visit https://maximus.com/clinical


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