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Maximus has been contracted to partner with the State of Maine's Department of Health and Human Services to administer Preadmission Screening and Resident Review (PASRR) Assessments.

Are you a licensed Behavioral Health Clinician or Registered Nurse with behavioral health experience interested in working as an assessor with the ME PASRR program? Contact our Recruiting team to learn more:

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  • Maine ASA - Quarterly Newsletter: Helpful Provider Updates and Reminders

    RESOURCE: Updated Escalation Tree on Tools & Resources Site

    The Maine ASA Escalation Tree has been updated with additional support information, which has been posted to the Tools & Resources site. Click the link below to download a copy of this important contact resource.

    ASK MAINE ASA: Reach Out to Maine Help Desk with Questions or Suggestions
    Do you have questions about any of the programs managed through Maine Assessing Services Agency (ASA)? Would you like to request a specific topic you would like to see covered in a future edition of the Quarterly Newsletter or maybe in an upcoming program webinar? Don't hesitate to reach out to us at

    SUPPORT: Your Maine ASA Help Desk Contacts

    Sign up for our Mailing List: Are you or someone on your team not on our email list? Contact us at: with the subject line "Please add me to the ME ASA contact list" and include full name, title, facility/organization name and email address in the body of the message. All team members requiring access to the contact list can be included in one email request. 


  • Maine ASA - Quarterly Provider Newsletter: Review AssessmentPro Uploading Tips | Supporting Documentation List Reminders

    In this latest edition of the Maine ASA Quarterly Newsletter we cover a few important topics that providers across the state may find useful. These include some AssessmentPro tips on uploading files to the system, as well as some important best practice reminders on the submission of all necessary supporting documentation and a tip about the PASRR referral form

    ASSESSMENTPRO TIP: Uploading Files Directly to the System
    AssessmentPro simplifies the submission process
    , making uploading both easier and faster than faxing. A few advantages of direct system submission of supporting documentation include:

    1. Immediate receipt confirmation
      The moment you upload, you can see the documents on the individual's assessment record. This allows you to confirm receipt of those materials by Maximus in real time.
    2. Speed up the process
      Documents get to Maximus more quickly, reducing delays for you and the individuals you're serving.
    3. Avoid potential fax issues
      Direct system upload allows AssessmentPro users to avoid any potential issues with fax receipt or document clarity. If a fax line goes down, users who upload do not experience any delays. Uploaded documents do not have distorted text, which can potentially occur with a fax.

    BEST PRACTICE: Submitting Referral Documentation

    Providing all appropriate documentation at the time of each referral can help to ensure a speedy assessment process and also reduce the number of potential call-backs your staff may receive from the assessor requesting additional information. 

    For a facility assessment, the following documentation will be needed:

    • ROI
    • Face Sheet
    • Guardianship/POA documentation
    • History & Physical and/or Discharge Summary
    • Current MD orders
    • MD progress notes for last 72hours (as available)
    • Nurses Notes for the last 72hrs (as available)
    • Active Medication Summary-include date/time prn's received in the for the last 7 days (for example sliding scale insulin)
    • Initial Therapy evaluation (PT, OT, ST)
    • If currently receiving therapy Progress notes for last 3 visits
    • Treatment Administration records for the last 7 days (include oxygen, wound care, tube feedings, IV's)

    Nursing Facilities, please include this additional documentation:

    • Activities of daily living (ADL) flow sheets for the last 7 days

    Interview Reminder: The assessor will also ask to speak with a staff member who is familiar with the individual's care needs, in addition to speaking with the individual being assessed.

    REMINDER: Maine ASA Site - Fax Form for PASRR Referral Only
    In recent months, some MED referrals have been mistakenly submitted using the Fax referral form linked on the Maine ASA site, found under the Resources header. This specific form is intended for PASRR referral submissions only.

    SUPPORT: Your Maine ASA Resources 

    Referral & General Questions: 833.525.5784
    Fax a Referral: 844.356.7500
    Fax PASRR Materials: 877.431.9568
    Email Referrals: