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Maximus has been contracted to partner with the State of Maine’s Department of Health and Human Services, through the Office of Aging and Disability (OADS), as manager of its Statewide Assessing Services. This single Assessing Services Agency (ASA) Program will encompass a series of programs, including:

    Long Term Care (LTC), ABI, ORC, ICF/IDD, GPU

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  • Quarterly Provider Newsletter: Best Practices | State Resource Reminder | Listen to PASRR 101 Webinar

    For this Fall 2020 edition of the Maine ASA Newsletter, we've gathered some helpful best practice reminders covering system processes and available support resources for Maine's provider community. Please review below for an important clarification regarding the 1135 Waiver and PASRR submissions, as well as a reminder regarding the OADS Resources page. A link to a recent PASRR 101 Webinar through PTAC and contact information for the program's Help Desk team are also included. 

    BEST PRACTICE: Complete PASRR Within 30-Days of Admission

    The 1135 Waiver only waives PASRR requirements for 30-days following admission, not indefinitely. Nursing Facilities must complete the PASRR within 30-days of admission. 

    RESOURCE REMINDER: Office of Aging and Disability Services Site 

    Keep up with all of the latest COVID-19 updates, resource materials, and general program information by reviewing the OADS Resources site regularly:


    LEARNING: Review PASRR 101 Webinar Recording 

    The PASRR Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) recently held an informative webinar on Wednesday, October 28th, entitled PASRR 101. During this session, PTAC touched upon several important topics, including the purpose and design of Preadmission Screening and Resident Review (PASRR), Level I screens, Level II evaluations and determinations, exempted hospital discharges, categorical determinations, and disability-specific Specialized Services.  

    This training is designed to give new PASRR program staff a solid foundation in how the program works. It is also appropriate for staffers who wish to refresh their understanding of PASRR. 

    Click here to listen to the 10/28 PTAC - PASRR 1010 Webinar


    CONTACT: Your Maine ASA Resources

    Referral & General Questions: 833.525.5784
    Fax a Referral: 844.356.7500
    Fax PASRR Materials: 877.431.9568
    Email Referrals:
    Web Resources: ME ASA Tools and Resources

  • Effective Immediately, All Face-to-Face Initial and Re-Assessments Will Now Be Conducted Telephonically

    In response to recommendations from Maine Center for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) and the Office of Governor Mills, effective immediately, all face-to-face initial and re-assessments will now be conducted telephonically. The MAXIMUS Maine Assessing Services Agency (ASA) will continue working closely with the Office of Aging and Disability Services for guidance on when face-to-face assessments may resume.

    Check back often to the OADS site:, as well as Maine CDC’s COVID-19 updates page for possible updates and new recommendations: