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Maximus has been contracted by the State of Delaware - Department of Health and Social Services, Division of Medicaid and Medical Assistance (DHSS/DMMA) to administer the federally mandated Preadmission Screening and Resident Review (PASRR) through a web-based system, beginning on July 15, 2020. This includes Level I screens and Level II assessments for Serious Mental Illness (SMI), Intellectual, Developmental Disabilities (I/DD), and SMI/IDD/Related Condition (RC). Scroll down for Provider tools such as: frequently asked questions, training resources, and timely announcements. Continue to check back often for content updates.

Please contact the program team: if you would like to be added to the program email contact list or if you’re interested in reviewing any of the training resources listed below. Simply confirm your facility name in the email and we will be happy to share these resources with you.

  • PowerPoint Training Presentation
  • Training Audio Recording
  • Note: To open any training file links below (indicated with a “lock” icon), simply click the link and when prompted, enter your AssessmentPro system Username (your email address), Password and click Log In. You will then have access to all protected documents located on the Resources page for the remainder of your web session.

    Are you a Licensed Clinical Social Worker or Registered Nurse with behavioral health experience interested in working as an assessor with the DE PASRR program? Contact our Recruiting team to learn more:

    Contact the help desk
    Phone, Fax & Email

    83.DEL.PASRR | 833.357.2777


    Business Hours

    8:00 am – 5:00 pm EST, M-F


    • Event Announcement: Register for Annual Delaware PASRR Provider Training to Review All Things PASRR, PASRR Updates, and PASRR Questions

      The Delaware PASRR team is holding an important annual Provider training opportunity this July, to review all things PASRR, PASRR updates, and to answer all of your lingering PASRR questions.

      There will be two separate two-hour training sessions, one for Nursing Facility staff, and one for Hospital staff. Please register for the session that applies to your role below.

      ​​​CONTACT: Delaware PASRR Services Help Desk

      Do you need clarification on any PASRR processes or have questions regarding a current referral? Contact your Delaware PASRR Help Desk for more information.

    • Quarterly Newsletter: Assessment Best Practice Reminders | ServiceMatters Refresher

      Happy New Year! For this first Delaware PASRR Provider Newsletter of 2023, we cover some important best practice reminders, and share an insightful overview of ServiceMatters. As always, thank you for all you do to improve the lives of those we serve across the state.

      BEST PRACTICES: Assessment Tips & Reminders

      1. Be sure to look for emails from Maximus regarding ServiceMatters Reviews, and review the ServiceMatters training slides located in the resources tab in AssessmentPro.

      2. Occasionally Maximus will email your facility regarding location of clients after the Level II PASRR is completed. Please respond to these emails as quickly as possible.

      3. Remember to always submit a resident review before the short term approval expires. Ideally, Providers should submit a resident review 10 days before the PASRR expiration date.

      PROCESS: ServiceMatters Overview

      DE PASRR has implemented ServiceMatters reviews for any client that receives a Level II PASRR and has been recommended for Specialized Services. These ServiceMatters reviews ensure that the Specialized Services are being received in the nursing facility. Providers outside of the nursing facility should be aware that if you had a client receive a Level II PASRR, you may receive an email or phone call from Maximus asking where the client is currently located.

      Maximus asks for this information to ensure that the ServiceMatters review is sent to the correct nursing facility. Nursing facility Providers must consistently keep PathTracker up-to-date with current clients in your facility. Likewise, ServiceMatters users in AssessmentPro should be on the lookout for emails from Maximus regarding ServiceMatters reviews, and check AssessmentPro to view and complete ServiceMatters reviews.

      CONTACT: Delaware PASRR Services Help Desk

      Do you need clarification on any PASRR processes or questions regarding a current referral? Contact your Delaware PASRR Help Desk for more information:

      Phone: 83.DEL.PASRR (833.357.2777)

    • SYSTEM UPDATE: Change Coming to AssessmentPro Login Process Tonight, Tuesday, November 1

      Please be aware that this evening, Tuesday November 1, Maximus IT will publish updates to the AssessmentPro system. With these upgrades comes a new way for users to update their passwords. 

      Currently, when users click the reset password button, a link will be sent to the email address you use to log into AssessmentPro, prompting you to create a new password.

      Going forward, instead of receiving a link, a verification code will be sent to your email address, which you will enter on the AssessmentPro site, then create a new password (see below):







      If you have any questions about this important process update, please reach out to your program Help Desk

    • Quarterly Newsletter: Take DE PASRR Satisfaction Survey | Check ServiceMatters Respondent Role in AssessmentPro | Review Important Training Materials

      SHARE FEEDBACK: DE PASRR Satisfaction Survey

      There are multiple ways to access the Satisfaction Survey for Providers and clients to give their feedback about the DE PASRR program. The Satisfaction Survey can be found on the DE Resources Page in AssessmentPro, as well as on each client PASRR outcome letter. 

      The client PASRR outcome letter provides a QR code and link to access the satisfaction survey online. Maximus would appreciate your feedback about the DE PASRR program!

      BEST PRACTICE: Ensure ServiceMatters Respondent Role is Listed in AssessmentPro

      ServiceMatters is now officially live in AssessmentPro, and all nursing facility Providers should make sure they have the ServiceMatters Respondent Role in AssessmenPro. If you have clients who receive specialized services, be on the lookout for further communication from Maximus. 

      RESOURCES: Annual Provider Training + ServicesMatters Training Available

      Did you know you can access informative training materials 24/7 via your Deleware PASRR - Provider Tools & Resources site? Be sure to review some important recent updates below:

      CONTACT: Delaware PASRR Services Help Desk

      Do you need clarification on any PASRR processes or questions regarding a current referral? Contact your Delaware PASRR Help Desk for more information:

      Phone: 83.DEL.PASRR (833.357.2777)