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Maximus provides online Level I Pre-Admission Screening and Resident Review (PASRR) screening, online Level of Care utilization review for long term care populations, and onsite, independent PASRR Level II mental health and Level of Care evaluations. We also provide independent Certification of Need and utilization review services for psychiatric programs serving children under age 21.

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  • ATTN PRTF Providers - Quarterly Newsletter: Certificate of Need Best Practices | Branding Updates Notice

    BEST PRACTICE: Certificate of Need (CON) Guidance

    When referencing dates and timelines, Maximus is requesting approximate dates. For example, for items requesting prior inpatient or outpatient treatment dates, last treatment dates, dates pertaining to onset of symptoms requiring PRTF level of care - all of these can be approximate dates and do not need to reflect exact (to the day) dates

    Keep an eye out for an additional communication regarding other CON review updates, such as transitioning several items to “optional” when completing the PRTF review. 

    To provide additional clarification, the only attachment or supporting documentation requirement that pertains to the PRTF CON process is described on page 16 of the North Dakota Under 21 Provider Manual:

    Provider submits the most recent psychiatric assessment/evaluation [dated within ninety (90) days prior to proposed admission date] delineating the child’s mental, emotional or behavioral disorder requiring the intensity of services offered in an inpatient setting. The purpose of the psychiatric assessment/evaluation is to establish medical necessity for all CON reviews completed by the Maximus Utilization Review team

    A letter can be provided in lieu of an available assessment/evaluation note; however it must include the following items:

    • Composed on the hospital or office letterhead of the physician dated within ninety (90) days of proposed admission date
    • Description of subjective/objective observations, diagnosis(es), current psychotropic medications and recommendations

    New policy: if neither an assessment/evaluation or a letter is available to submit with the admission review, the child will be approved for an initial fifteen (15) days in order for the treating facility to complete a psychiatric assessment. A CSR must be completed, and include the psychiatric assessment, with the Continued Stay Review (CSR), if length of stay requires additional time.

    UPDATE: New Maximus Branding

    You may notice some small changes to this communication, as well as revisions made to the ND Under 21 Tools and Resources web page in recent months. This includes updates to the company logo, headers, and other graphic elements.

    This evolution of the global Maximus brand is intended to visually emphasize the active partnership we have with program stakeholders like you to positively impact the lives of those we serve together.

    SUPPORT: Contact the ND Under 21 Help Desk

    Questions about a current referral? Contact the North Dakota Under 21 Help Desk for more information:

    Phone: 629.230.5034

  • System Update: IP Address for AscendAMI to be Updated on Wednesday, June 15, 2022

    On the evening of Wednesday June 15, the Maximus IT team will update the IP address for This change is not expected to affect any existing bookmark or site access for the majority of all system users.

    In the unlikely event this change does affect your ability to access the site after the transition date, please contact your organization’s IT support team. Notify them that you require updated access to the AscendAMI site and forward the information below so that they can add the information to their list of approved IP addresses.

    Web Domain:

    New IP Address:

  • Quarterly Newsletter: Best Practice on Clinical Information + Sharing Contact Updates + New AssessmentPro System Preview

    REMINDER: Share Contact Phone or Fax Updates

    If your name, email, work phone number/extension number or fax number has recently changed, be sure to notify Maximus to ensure we have the accurate information in the system for your facility. Given outcomes are provided two ways (e.g., called on and faxed), it’s vital that Maximus has the most up-to-date contact details on file. Please note, if your name is not explicitly listed on your voicemail box, Maximus is not able to leave any information pertaining to the outcome on your voicemail. 

    BEST PRACTICE: Submitting Clinical Information

    Providing the best clinical picture of a child’s current symptoms and behaviors, as well as previous episodes and incidents, play a significant part in Maximus making accurate clinical determinations. As a result, we continue to request providers to submit detailed clinical information, including timeframes/timelines to delineate between historical and present. 

    SNEAK PREVIEW: System Transition Planned for Later in 2022

    Exciting things are ahead later this year, as planning moves forward on a system transition for ND Under 21 program to AssessmentPro, the industry leading online system for the management of Maximus assessments. As we move closer toward this launch, we will keep you connected with important updates and resources. 

    Stay tuned in the coming months for more information on next steps, including:

    • Process Guides: Understand what's changing, with a helpful overview of AssessmentPro processes and procedures. 
    • System Benefits: Walkthrough of the positive impact this new tool can have for the provider community and most importantly, those we serve together across Connecticut. 
    • Account Registration: Step-by-step instructions to create your new account for the new system. 
    • Learning Opportunities: Dates and registration details for both webinars and on-site events. 

    SUPPORT: Contact the ND Under 21 Help Desk

    Questions about a current referral? Contact the North Dakota Under 21 Help Desk for more information:

    Phone: 629.230.5034

  • Program Update: Upcoming Change for All Certificate of Need Referrals

    Change is coming for the information collected with the North Dakota U21 Certificate of Need referrals, submitted to Maximus through the web-based system. Per state guidance, Maximus will no longer be using Social Security Number (SSN) as the primary unique identifier. As a result, the SSN field from all referral screens will be removed and you will no longer be required to enter it. Another change we’d like to outline is the Medicaid Identification Number, which will be adjusted to Member ID

    Beginning on January 25, Medicaid ID will be replaced with the North Dakota Member ID Number. This field will have the ability to accept the child’s MMIS ID number, which is preferred number to use, which begins with ND (NDXXXXXXXX). If for any reason that number isn’t available for use, please use the child’s Member ID, which begins with 000 (000XXXXXX). Most providers are currently entering the MMIS ID number at the time of referral (NDXXXXXXX), and if you are, no change to your standard procedure will take place.
    Note: the North Dakota Member ID field will be a required field, as this unique identifier will prevent duplicate records in the North Dakota web based system. 

    SUPPORT: Contact the ND Under 21 Help Desk
    Phone: 629.230.5024

  • Quarterly Provider Newsletter: Review Best Practice Reminders on Data Entry, Clinical Descriptions and Updating Content

    For this Summer 2021 edition of the North Dakota Under 21 Newsletter, the program team explores several timely best practice topics that may be of interest to you, including a reminder about entering accurate information into the system, providing clear clinical descriptions, and ensuring that medical and contact information is up to date

    BEST PRACTICES: Assessment Tips & Reminders

    1. In order to ensure an individual's historical episodes are all connected, it is essential that the correct demographic information be entered into the Maximus referral system. Please also make sure to complete all custodian information for each episode, as Maximus uses this information to mail outcome letters. Failure to provide either of these could delay an episode from being completed.
    2. Be sure to provide clear clinical descriptions pertaining to an individual's behavior and mood, which should act as justification for the particular level of care being requested. This justification is vital for a clear understanding of current level of need. Always include a timeline of events resulting in admission or need for continued stay.
    3. Don't forget to update diagnosis and psychotropic medications, and also provide updated facility phone and fax numbers as applicable. 

    SUPPORT: North Dakota Under 21 Help Desk Contacts

    Phone: 629.230.5034