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Maximus has been contracted to partner with the State of Maine Department of Health and Human Services – Office of Aging and Disability Services (OADS) to administer the Supports Intensity Scale for Adults (SIS-A) Assessments, beginning in Mid-Spring 2023. This comprehensive planning tool, developed and maintained by the Association for Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (AAIDD), measures exceptional medical and behavioral needs in the areas of home living, community living, lifelong learning, employment, health and safety, and social activities.

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Attention Section 21 and 29 Waiver Recipients

OADS is looking for members to have an early SIS assessment in February. These assessments will be practice for the Maximus team. Each assessment usually takes about 2-3 hours. It will be done using Zoom for an online interview. 

OADS needs your help. They are asking members and two support people for each member, who have known the member for more than three months, to participate in training sessions for new needs assessment assessors in Maine. This will involve scheduling a training assessment.

Generally, it takes 2 hours, but we like to budget 3 hours.  This will be conducted remotely, and in some cases in-person, sometime between in late January or February 2023.  The member and support people who participate, are each eligible to receive a $100.00 pre-paid credit card stipend for their time in helping us with the assessment training.  Paid support staff do not qualify for the stipend.  

The training assessment is not an official assessment that supports a member's Person-Centered Plan, so a new assessment will be required once the Maine trainers have all completed training and have become certified.

Click here to sign up as a training SIS assessment volunteer.

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  • OADS and Selected Partner, Maximus Announce Planned Mid-Spring 2023 Implementation of Supports Intensity Scale (SIS-A) Needs Assessments | Review Implementation Next Steps, Program Resources and Support

    As shared in recent communications by the State of Maine – Office of Aging and Disability Services (OADS), a new program under the “A Path for ME” umbrella is launching the use of the Supports Intensity Scale assessment tool (SIS-A) 2nd edition, with the selected vendor, Maximus, in Mid-Spring 2023. Maximus will provide conflict-free administration of the program’s standardized assessment tool. This tool is developed and maintained by the Association for Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (AAIDD). The SIS-A is a comprehensive planning tool that measures support needs in the areas of home living, community living, lifelong learning, employment, health and safety, and social activities and exceptional medical and behavioral support needs.  
    In the months ahead, Maximus and OADS will provide new updates and resources for stakeholders across the state who will support the SIS-A Needs Assessment. Read below to learn some basics about the implementation and next steps in the process, as well as explore some helpful reference guides, contact details for the SIS Assessments Help Desk, and the new program web page. Also included is a visual progress tracker for an at-a-glance view of key milestones for “A Path for ME” SIS-A Assessments and the Lifespan Project transition timeline. 

    “A Path for ME” SIS- A Assessment and Lifespan Project Timeline

    Q&A: Understanding the SIS-A Assessment

    Q: Why is this new program being created?  

    A: The initial intent of the SIS-A is to gather data from the assessments to better understand the population served and provide information to guide future service design enhancements to offer innovations in member supports, empower self-direction, and grow community inclusion through services attuned to different needs across the full membership lifespan through the Lifespan Project.   
    Q: Who should participate in the assessment?  
    A: Participants must include the member and at least two people who have known the member being assessed for at least 3 months and can speak to the members day-to-day support needs. These can be the member, and/or family members, friends, direct support, or staff from residential or day service providers. The community case manager should also attend.  
    Q: Is the assessment required?  
    A: Participation will be voluntary during the implementation phase between February 2023 and January 1, 2025. It is strongly encouraged to better understand how the information gained through the SIS assessment will be used to generate high quality data for both the person-centered planning process as well as to support the long-term system innovations being developed for the Lifespan Project.   

    Q: Is there a transitional training period before the SIS assessments officially launches in Maine? 
    A: Yes. There will be an initial training assessments phase of the program, planned for February 1 through March 15, 2023. During this period, $100 stipends may be provided to participating members and up to two nonpaid assessment respondents, such as family members and friends.  
    If you know a member who would be interested in volunteering to participate in a training assessment, call: 833.771.4639 or email: with the subject line, “Member interested in SIS training assessment participation”. 
    Q: What are some of the benefits of the SIS assessment? 
    A: For Members and their families, productive conversations lead to decisions on the most appropriate services for the individual, to meet identified needs and move toward goals and desired outcomes.   
    Community Case Managers can receive in-depth reporting on the kinds of needs a person has, the frequency and amount of support a person needs, as well as goals and objectives of the member  
    Providers benefit from the gathering of person-centered information regarding day-to-day support needs, including support from provider services.   

    RESOURCES: Review “A Path for ME” Presentation + SIS Frequently Asked Questions 
    OADS hosted several informative orientation sessions in December, which provided an overview for “A Path for ME”, the SIS-A assessment, and a previous of the implementation timeline and next steps. If you were unable to attend or would like to review the information again, click the links below to review the presentation and explore an initial list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) about SIS assessment processes and support.  

    • OADS Presentation: Orientation to “A Path for ME” Needs Assessment | Download  
    • SIS Assessments – FAQs | Download  

    SUPPORT: Introducing the Maine SIS Assessments Help Desk  
    In addition to the resources available about “A Path for ME” and the SIS-A assessment available on the OADS website, Maximus has recently launched a new Maine SIS Assessments tools and resources page, which will provide a growing list of comprehensive program resources, frequently asked questions (FAQs), and other helpful support information. Click the link to bookmark the page: and check back to the site periodically for updates. 
    A dedicated Help Desk phone line and support email address have also been created to give you additional options to receive support and find answers to your SIS-related questions. Be sure to note these contacts for future reference: 

    Phone: 833.771.4639 | Email:  
    Sign up for the SIS Assessment Mailing Lists: Click one or both of the links below to stay updated on all the latest program updates and new resources. Include the following information for all members of your team who should to be added to the mailing list: full name, title, facility/organization, email address.  

    Receive program updates from Maximus: Email with the subject line: “Please add me to the Maximus – SIS Assessment Mailing List”  
    Receive program updates from OADS: Email with the subject line: “Please add me to the OADS – SIS Assessment Mailing List”   

    INSIGHTS: Who is Maximus?  
    For over 40 years, Maximus has partnered with state, federal and local governments across the country to administer complex programs that provide individuals with the appropriate care and resources necessary to improve their quality of life. The company has extensive experience in conflict-free assessment services for persons with intellectual, behavioral health, and developmental disabilities, as well as older adults and individuals with complex medical conditions. This includes current management of the State of Maine – Assessment Services Agency (ASA), which is an integrated service for assisting individuals across a range of support programs.  
    Learn more about Maximus services and capabilities