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Maximus provides online Preadmission Screening and Resident Review (PASRR) Level I screening, online Level of Care utilization review for long-term care populations, and onsite, independent PASRR Level II mental health and Level of Care evaluations.

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  • CT PASRR Quarterly Provider Newsletter: Assessment Best Practice Tips and Reminders

    1. Keep in mind that we are required by the State to complete in-person assessments whenever possible. If there is a sudden outbreak of COVID or Flu, please contact the CT PASRR Help Desk, and let us know so that we can complete a zoom/telephonic assessment.

    2. To all Hospital Providers: it is the submitter's responsibility to provide a copy of the PASRR to the admitted facility before they can accept an individual. Facilities cannot view the PASRR until the individual is admitted through Assessmentpro.

    3. Be sure to only request an exemption when an individual has a known or suspected SMI, ID or DD/RC.

    4. To request a Retrospective Review, choose the option NF Resident Without a Previous Level of Care Approval, which will open up the retro sections.
    5. Providers only have 14 days to submit any requested information or answer any questions a Clinician has requested. When an extension is needed, keep in mind that screens should be submitted 10 days prior to the end date of the previous approval.

    6. If an individual has a negative PASRR within the last 60 days, a new approval is not needed - even if the individual has gone to a lower level of care. However, if the individual has a SMI/IDD/RC and has discharged to a lower level of care then a new PASRR is needed.

    If an individual is a facility resident a new approval is not required; they can return to the nursing facility with the previous approval.

    QUESTIONS? Contact Connecticut PASRR Help Desk

    Have questions about any PASRR processes or a recent referral? Contact the CT PASRR Help Desk team:

    Phone: 833.927.2777

  • SYSTEM UPDATE: Change Coming to AssessmentPro Login Process Tonight, Tuesday, November 1

    Please be aware that this evening, Tuesday November 1, Maximus IT will publish updates to the AssessmentPro system. With these upgrades comes a new way for users to update their passwords. 

    Currently, when users click the reset password button, a link will be sent to the email address you use to log into AssessmentPro, prompting you to create a new password.

    Going forward, instead of receiving a link, a verification code will be sent to your email address, which you will enter on the AssessmentPro site, then create a new password (see below):







    If you have any questions about this important process update, please reach out to your program Help Desk

  • CT PASRR Quarterly Provider Newsletter: Review Recent Training Webinar | Exemption Eligibility Criteria Reminder | Process Best Practices

    RESOURCE: Review Recent Training Webinar

    If you missed the recent PASRR/LOC training event held in June or would like a refresher on the topics discussed, click the links below to review the training presentation and a recording of the session. 

    PASRR/LOC Training – Slides  

    PASRR/LOC Training – Recording | 86:36 Mins  (Register to listen to recording)

    REMINDER: Exemption Eligibility Criteria

    An exemption can only be given if an individual has a serious mental illness (SMI), or an intellectual/developmental disability (ID/DD), is psychiatrically stable, medically admitted, and requires 30 days or less in a skilled nursing facility for what they were treated for in the hospital. They should mark No to needing an exemption, if they do not have a diagnosis or suspected diagnosis of SMI or ID/DD.  

    BEST PRACTICES: Important Process Reminders 

    1. Hospitals need to ensure that the NFs understand what they are using for Identifiers (SSN, Driver’s License, etc.). This step helps to avoid the creation of duplicate PASRRs. 
    2. All significant PASRR Level I status changes are to be submitted within 14 days of changes, this is to include any significant changes in status, or any psychiatric hospitalization. 
    3. For any individual that may experience a medical improvement and has a long-term care approval, please submit a medical improvement LOC screen. The correct reason for screening will be: “Nursing Facility resident who has had a previous LOC approval, but has had significant medical improvement and the submitting facility is providing an update of that improvement.” These help to ensure this person’s assessment process continues to move smoothly without any delays.  
    4. Other than the required documents AssessmentPro will require during the initial submission, such as the MD certificate, Providers should wait to submit any needed documents until instructed to do so by a Maximus Clinician.  
    5. After submitting referrals, be sure to check emails and phone regularly for additional supporting documents and/or clarifying question requests. 

    Check out additional Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and guides on the CT PASRR Tools and Resources site. 

    QUESTIONS? Contact Connecticut PASRR Help Desk

    Phone: 833.927.2777