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Maximus provides online Preadmission Screening and Resident Review (PASRR) Level I screening, online Level of Care utilization review for long-term care populations, and onsite, independent PASRR Level II mental health and Level of Care evaluations.

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  • Our Offices Will Be Closed on 7/4 for Independence Day

    In observance of Independence Day, offices are closed Monday, July 4. All systems remain functional. Normal hours resume on Tuesday, July 5. 

  • System Update: IP Address for AssessmentPro to be Updated on Wednesday, June 15, 2022

    On the evening of Wednesday, June 15, the Maximus IT team will update the IP address for This change is not expected to affect any existing bookmark or site access for the majority of all system users.

    In the unlikely event this change does affect your ability to access the site after the transition date, please contact your organization’s IT support team. Notify them that you require updated access to the AssessmentPro site and forward the detail below so that they can add the information to their list of approved IP addresses.

    Web Domain:

    New IP Address:

  • REGISTER: CT Provider Training - Thu, June 16 at 3 p.m. ET - OR - Wed, June 29 at 10 a.m. ET | Branding Updates Notice

    REGISTER: Connecticut - PASRR Foundations

    Thu, June 16 at 3 p.m. ET - or - Wed, June 29 at 10 a.m. ET

    Join the Connecticut PASRR program team to learn the foundations of PASRR in Connecticut, and also take a quick tour of AssessmentPro. Even if you are not new to PASRR, make sure you attend one of the sessions linked below for an important refresher on PASRR processes. We will also have plenty of time for Q&A with our contract leadership. 

    Note: Identical information will be presented during both sessions. Click the link below to register for the date and time that best fits your schedule.

    PASRR Foundation in Connecticut | Thu, June 16 at 3 p.m. ET - or - Wed, June 29 at 10 a.m. ET

    UPDATE: New Maximus Branding

    You may notice some small changes to this communication, as well as revisions coming soon to the CT PASRR Tools and Resources web page. This includes updates to the company logo, headers, and other graphic elements.

    This evolution of the global Maximus brand is intended to visually emphasize the active partnership we have with program stakeholders like you to positively impact the lives of those we serve together.

    SUPPORT: Contact the Connecticut PASRR Help Desk

    Have questions about any PASRR processes or a recent referral? Contact the CT PASRR Help Desk team:

    Phone: 833.927.2777

  • CT PASRR Quarterly Newsletter: PathTracker Best Practices + PASRR Reminders + AssessmentPro Tips

    BEST PRACTICE: Using PathTracker

    1. Nursing facilities (NFs) are the only facilities that enter information into PathTracker.
    2. Do not enter an individual into your census until that individual is in your facility.
    3. Please continue to update your PathTracker Census regularly when individuals admit/transfer/discharge/passed away. The state uses these alerts for payment their payment purposes. Delay in entering these notices will result in delay in payment.
    4. Do not make any changes to fix a mistake. If any edits are needed to be made other than editing current admission date, please contact the CT PASRR Help Desk for assistance.

    PROCESS: PASRR Reminders 

    • Remember to always fill out each Screen in its entirety.
    • Categorical exemptions should only be utilized for individual that has a serious mental illness (SMI) or an intellectual/developmental disability (I/DD).
    • A 30-day exempted hospital discharge does not require a Level of Care.
    • Refer to the explanation for Level I and Level of Care Reason for Screenings in your inbox.
    • All significant PASRR Level I status changes are to be submitted within 14 days of change.
    • All subsequent PASRR Level II Assessment Screens will need to be submitted no later than 7-10 days prior to the current approval expiring.
    • A subsequent Level of Care Screen is needed when the current approval is roughly 7-10 days from expiring.
    • A Level of Care is based on medical necessity, not nursing facility bed type. If you already have a short-term approval that does not expire for several weeks, but the individual has moved into a long term bed a new LOC does not need to be submitted until that short term approval is about to be 7-10 days from expiring.
    • When documentation is requested by a Clinician, such as MD note, Physician orders, or Psychiatry notes, please make sure you submit the most recent notes, unless specified by the Clinician.

    ASSESSMENTPRO: Keeping Your Account Active in the System

    If you don't submit referrals very often in the system, continue to be mindful that AssessmentPro will deactivate any account that has not logged in at least once within every 120-day period. Even when you don’t have a current referral for submission, continue to occasionally log into the system to keep your account active. After 180 days, the system will terminate the account. 

    TOP TIP: Hospital Users Entering Demographics Information

    Before entering demographics for an individual, be sure to first perform an advanced search in AssessmentPro. They may have already been in your facility. Please use the same identifier type that is currently listed in the system. If this is not used correctly, you run the risk of inadvertently making a duplicate record or missing important information. 

    SUPPORT: Contact the Connecticut PASRR Help Desk

    Have questions about any PASRR processes or a recent referral? Contact the CT PASRR Help Desk team:

    Phone: 833.927.2777

  • PROCESS UPDATE: Return to Hybrid Virtual/In-Person Assessment Model on April 4, 2022

    The Connecticut Department of Social Services (DSS) has made the decision to transition away from virtual-only assessments, back to an in-person assessments focused model. This includes:

    • State Assessors will resume in person assessments on March 13, 2022.
    • Independent Contractor Assessors working through state partner, Maximus will transition to a hybrid virtual/in-person assessment model on April 4, 2022.

    Please be aware that from April 4 on, Assessors will attempt to schedule face-to-face interviews

  • AssessmentPro Update - System Updates Coming 2/22 | New Action Required to Access the Site

    AssessmentPro system security updates are planned for later this evening - Tuesday, February 22, 2022. These routine upgrades will result in changes to some existing system URLs.

    Do I need to take any action?
    Yes. After these updates, any existing AssessmentPro bookmarks you already have saved in your browser will no longer work and should be deleted from your bookmark list. 

    Moving forward, always begin each site visit by typing into your browser and proceeding to the section of the site you’d like to view, rather than setting up or using bookmarks. 

    What error will I see if my existing bookmark is broken?
    The bookmark will most likely cause an error that makes it appear that the AssessmentPro site is down - see example below.



  • Program Update - Important Message Regarding Nursing Facility Level of Care Determinations

    As part of the response to the public health emergency (PHE) and pursuant to federal guidance from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), Connecticut opted to continue coverage for all Medicaid members who were eligible for Medicaid as of March 2020. Following federal guidance, DSS has continued Medicaid coverage for nursing facility level of care (NFLOC) even when the individual subsequently received a level of care (LOC) denial. As a result, many individuals remained in nursing facilities without an updated LOC assessment.

    While we do not have definitive information at this time about when the PHE declaration will end, DSS is asking our provider partners to join us in taking action now to minimize coverage disruptions for our shared clients. In preparation for the end of the PHE, it is critical that individuals residing in facilities have an updated LOC in Assessment Pro to avoid losing coverage. Please review your current resident status in Assessment Pro to ensure that residents have a current LOC approval. For residents who do not have a current LOC approval (download template sheet here for tracking), please submit a list of these residents to DSS by December 31, 2021, so that DSS can ensure that we are communicating accurately with the facilities and the residents about impending coverage changes. Include the resident’s full name, date of birth, Medicaid ID, the date of the last LOC expiration, and the date of the new LOC screening submission, using the attached template. Please submit this information to and by December 31, 2021.

    Upon completion of the review of the lists submitted by NFs, DSS will notify nursing facilities to request an LOC screening for any individual currently residing in the facility who previously received a Notice of Action advising that NFLOC is not medically necessary for the individual pursuant to Conn. Gen. Stat. § 17b-259b (a) but remained in the facility. Additionally, facilities should request a LOC assessment for any individual for whom the facility has yet to submit an LOC screening request to Maximus on behalf of the resident.  If Maximus determines that the individual does not meet NFLOC or if the facility does not submit an LOC screening request by January 31, 2021, Maximus will issue a notice of action terminating payment for NFLOC

    For technical help using AssessmentPro and filing for LOC, please refer to the following resources and support options: 
    Program Help Desk Email: 833.927.2777
    Program Help Desk Phone:
    Download Template for Tracking: Residents with Expired LOCs
    Download: AssessmentPro Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    SUPPORT: Contact the Connecticut PASRR Help Desk

    Have other process questions or need to ask about a current referral? Contact your Connecticut PASRR Help Desk for more information:

    Phone: 833.927.2777

  • CT PASRR - Quarterly Newsletter: Overview of PASRR Screening Reasons, Maintaining Active System Account, AssessmentPro Resources

    For this edition of the Connecticut PASRR - Quarterly Provider Newsletter, we focus on several timely topics geared toward understanding more about PASRR processes and systems. These include:

    • Overview of reasons for screening
    • Reminder on maintaining an active AssessmentPro account
    • Available AssessmentPro resources

    PROCESS OVERVIEW: Reasons for Screening

    Level of Care (LOC)

    Nursing Facility applicant
    Should be selected when the individual is in a community setting, psychiatrically hospitalized or medically hospitalized. Nursing facility providers should not select this unless the individual is admitting to them from the community.

    PASRR only - Nursing facility resident who is not currently in an inpatient psychiatric hospital/unit at this time
    Should not be selected on the LOC.

    PASRR only - Nursing facility resident who is currently hospitalized in a psychiatric hospital/unit
    Should not be selected on the LOC.

    Nursing facility resident without a previous Level of Care approval
    This should be selected when an individual is currently admitted to the NF without a LOC approval. When selected 2 additional headers will open. It is important to select this option because it opens the retrospective section for the referral source to fill in dates and valid reasons. All retrospective reviews require a valid reason LOC was not submitted timely. Please also note a retrospective review can not be completed until after the Level II is finalized. When submitting for the retrospective review only submit the Level of Care. 

    I am requesting a review of this individual's level of care status from this point forward
    This should be selected when an individual has converted to Medicaid and a Medicaid pick up date is known

    I am requesting retrospective review of this individual's level of care status beginning with a date in the past
    This should be selected when a LOC was never submitted, and a retrospective review is requested from admission or Medicaid pick up date in the past.  
    Nursing facility resident whose approval period is expiring and needs additional time in the nursing facility

    NF resident has had a previous approval i.e., previous 30 day exemption, previous LOC approval, or previous Level II approval.   
    Nursing facility resident who has had a previous LOC approval, but has had significant medical improvement and the submitting facility is providing an update of that improvement
    IE previous terminal or serious medical exemption and status has had improved medical status.
    Waiver, grant, or other service/program applicant - NA 

    Should never be used   

    Waiver, grant, or other service/program recipient whose approval period is expiring and needs additional time in the service/program- NA 
    Should never be used

    Level I 

    Nursing facility applicant
    Individual is currently in a hospital or community. Not for Residents of a NF.
    Should only be selected if the individual is the hospital or the community. 

    Nursing facility resident who is not currently in an inpatient psychiatric hospital/unit
    This should be selected for NF residents.

    What is the purpose of this Level I screen?*
    This nursing facility resident has experienced a significant change in status or has not adequately responded to PASRR recommended services and may require a Level II evaluation = Status Change.

    This should be selected to report any new diagnoses, or increased symptoms or behaviors.

    A previous PASRR short-term approval for nursing facility stay is expiring or has expired (e.g., Exempted Hospital Discharge, Convalescence, Emergency, Delirium, Respite, Terminal, Serious Medical, Dementia and ID/DD)
    NF resident that had one of these as a prior approvals and time is expiring.
    This nursing facility resident has never had a PASRR Level I screen.
    This would be selected if an individual admitted to NF without a valid PASRR.
    This nursing facility resident has never had a PASRR Level II evaluation and shows signs or symptoms that indicate she/he may have a PASRR condition
    NF resident that previously had a negative PASRR and once admitted to NF, it was found they had a serious mental illness.
    Nursing facility resident who is currently hospitalized in a psychiatric hospital/unit
    A NF resident does not need to have a level II before returning to the NF. The individual can return to NF and the NF has 14 days to submit for the status change. If selected this will prompt next question.
    What is the purpose of this Level I screen?*
    The individual may be readmitted to the nursing facility and a PASRR evaluation will be conducted once the readmission occurs
    This will prompt the referral source to answer if they would like to proceed anyway. If yes is selected, you can continue with review. If no is selected it will prompt you to withdraw screen. 

    Nursing facility resident who is converting to Medicaid
    Not used in CT
    Nursing facility resident whose approval period is expiring and needs additional time in the nursing facility

    This can be selected if individual has had a previous level II approval. 

    REMINDERS: System Account Deactivation 

    If you don't submit referrals very often in AssessmentPro, continue to be mindful that the system will deactivate any account that has not logged in at least once within every 120 day period. After 180 days, the system will terminate the account.

    RESOURCES: Your AssessmentPro Toolkit

    Whenever you have AssessmentPro questions, don’t forget that several helpful support guides have been developed to answer your system questions. Check out some of these useful resources linked below. 

    Training Checklist | Download
    Links to video tutorials and instructional PDFs on all the major features you'll need to know about AssessmentPro.

    Training Recording | Listen
    If you would like a refresher on the content shared by the Training team during the migration, click the link to review a recording of one of the webinar sessions presented during the system migration. Register to view, when prompted on the log-in screen.
    Provider Guide | Download
    Originally developed for the system transition, this guide is still useful for any members of your team who may be new to AssessmentPro or to PASRR. It contains reminders and tips to help understand and maximize the system.

    System FAQs | Download
    Explore some of the questions most often fielded about the PASRR process and using the AssessmentPro system.

    CONTACT: Connecticut PASRR Services Help Desk

    Have other process questions or need to ask about a current referral? Contact your Connecticut PASRR Help Desk for more information:

    Phone: 833.927.2777

  • New Executive Order Updates Guidelines for In-Person PASRR Assessments

    Per an executive order by the Governor of Connecticut, the Connecticut Department of Social Services mandates that until further notice, all Independent Contractor Assessors performing in-person PASRR assessments must provide proof of vaccination upon arrival at medical, psychiatric, and nursing facilities. If not vaccinated, Assessors must provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test result within 48 hours of their visit

    These changes officially went into place on Monday, September 27. Any Assessor who chooses not to provide vaccination status or undergo COVID-19 testing will not be permitted to perform face-to-face PASRR evaluations at this time, but will still be permitted to perform virtual evaluations telephonically or via HIPAA-compliant Zoom account.

    To learn more, review the executive order linked here.

  • Connecticut PASRR Quarterly Newsletter: AssessmentPro Submission Tip | 8/01 Return to In-Person Assessments | Best Practice Reminder | Help Desk Email Address Change Coming Soon

    In this latest Quarterly Newsletter we've gathered some important updates and reminders for Connecticut Providers, including a best practice tip for using the digital upload feature in AssessmentPro versus material submission via fax, a reminder on the August 1 transition back to in-person assessments, a best practice tip regarding documentation of discharge dates, well as an update coming in September to the CT PASRR Help Desk email address. Continue reading below to learn more.

    ASSESSMENTPRO TIP: Uploading Files Directly to the System
    AssessmentPro simplifies the submission process, making uploading both easier and faster than faxing. A few advantages of direct system submission of supporting documentation include:

    1. Immediate receipt confirmation
      The moment you upload, you can see the documents on the individual's assessment record. This allows you to confirm receipt of those materials by Maximus in real time.
    2. Speed up the process
      Documents get to Maximus more quickly, reducing delays for you and the individuals you're serving.
    3. Avoid potential fax issues
      Direct system upload allows AssessmentPro users to avoid any potential issues with fax receipt or document clarity. If a fax line goes down, users who upload do not experience any delays. Uploaded documents do not have distorted text, which can potentially occur with a fax. 

    PROCESS REMINDER: Return to Face-to-Face Assessments

    Starting Sunday, August 1, the Connecticut PASRR program will transition to a new assessment model, which now includes the option for in-person assessments, per state guidance. Virtual evaluations may still be selected as the preferred assessment method in the following instances:

    • If the Assessor is informed by the CT PASRR PSS team or a nursing facility that the facility is closed to visitors, due to a current outbreak of Covid-19, or
    • If a referred individual shares with facility staff that they are not comfortable doing a face-to-face interview or are not comfortable wearing a surgical mask during the interview process.

    What to expect with an in-person assessment

    Assessors are taking the necessary steps to prepare for this transition in the safest manner possible, relying on CDC guidelines and best practices.

    • Assessors will call in advance to arrange the in-person visit.
    • Steps to be taken include the stringent use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) during each visit.
    • Assessors will work directly with the Maximus support team to submit health assessment forms on any days where an in-person interview is planned.

    Have questions about this process change? Please contact the CT PASRR Help Desk team for assistance:
                 Phone: 833.927.2777

    BEST PRACTICE: Enter the Individual's Discharge Dates
    The State has noticed an increase in records lacking a discharge date. Please make sure to always enter a discharge date into the system for individuals who are leaving the facility. 

    COMING SOON: Help Desk Email to Change September 1

    The program's support email address is changing. Please note that the existing CT PASRR Help Desk support account will be simplified from to beginning on Wednesday, September 1

    Note: After the 9/01 transition date, any messages sent to the old email account will continue to be automatically forwarded to the new account. 

    SUPPORT: Connecticut PASRR Help Desk Contacts

    Phone: 833.927.2777