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Maximus performs Pre-Admission Screening and Resident Review (PASRR) Level I screens and Level II evaluations on individuals who are applying to or residing in Medicaid-certified nursing homes. This federally mandated assessment process is used to determine whether the nursing home is the appropriate placement for individuals with mental illness, intellectual disabilities or developmental disabilities. PASRR functions as an essential method to help match individuals with the care and services they need. Ascend also performs nursing facility Level of Care Determinations for all Level II evaluations.

If your Agency/Nursing Facility/Hospital is interested in the completion of Preadmission Screening and Resident Review (PASRR) assessments via a telehealth solution, due to the current COVID-19 situation, please contact the TN PASRR Help Desk for more information: Ascend-TNPASRR@maximus.com | 833.617.2777

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Are you a master's level clinician or Registered Nurse with behavioral health experience interested in working with our TN PASRR program? Contact our Recruiting team to learn more: Recruiting@maximus.com

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  • Save the Dates: Fall 2021 Tennessee PASRR Provider Training Series Coming Soon!

    TennCare and Maximus are planning the continuation of the popular Tennessee PASRR Provider Webinar Series! Save the dates below to learn more about the PASRR process from the convenience of your own device. 

    OCT 19 - PASRR 101 
    This session will introduce learners to the purpose, process and goals of PASRR. 
    Click Here to Sign Up | Tuesday, 10.19.21, 9:00-10:45 a.m. CT 

    OCT 19 - LOC and Payer Source 101 
    Participants will walk away from the training with a working knowledge of the Level of Care/PAE purpose, active processes and intent.
    Click Here to Sign Up | Tuesday, 10.19.21, 1:00 - 2:30 p.m. CT 

    OCT 20 - Hospital Exemption and Categorical Determinations and Status Changes 
    This more advanced session will highlight the Level I and Level II status change process and offer key highlights for providers to keep in mind for future submission.
    Click Here to Sign Up | Wednesday, 10.20.21, 9:00 - 10:30 a.m. CT

    OCT 20 - Safety Determinations, ERC, and Skilled Services 
    Verbalize the safety determinations, ERC, and skilled services process within TennCare.
    Click Here to Sign Up | Wednesday, 10.20.21, 1:00 - 2:30 p.m. CT 

  • TN Assessment Services: Return to Field Updates | Review Reminders + Next Steps

    Starting next Sunday, August 1, the following Tennessee Assessment Services programs - Audits and Appeals, PASRR, Katie Beckett Waiver, and SIS, will transition to a new hybrid assessment model, which includes the  option for in-person assessments. Per state guidance, virtual evaluations may still be selected as the preferred assessment method in the following instances:

    • If the Assessor determines that the facility is closed to visitors, due to a current outbreak of Covid-19, or 
    • If the assessment is being completed in a home setting and the family or individual is not comfortable having visitors in their home, or 
    • If a referred individual shares with facility staff or the IC that they are not comfortable doing a face-to-face interview or are not comfortable wearing a surgical mask during the interview process.

    Read on for more helpful assessment tips and best practice reminders as we move closer to the launch date for the new hybrid model. 

    PROCESS: What to Expect with Face-to-Face Assessments?

    Assessors are taking necessary steps to prepare for this transition in the safest manner possible, relying on CDC guidelines and best practices.

    • Assessors will call in advance to arrange the in-person visit.
    • Steps to be taken include the stringent use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) during each visit. doing a face-to-face interview or are not comfortable wearing a surgical mask during the interview process.
    • Assessors will work directly with the Maximus support team to submit health assessment forms on any days where an in-person interview is planned. 

    QUESTIONS? Contact the Tennesseee Contracts Help Desk
    If you have questions about this process change, please contact the TN Help Desk team for assistance:
                 Email: Ascend-TNPASRR@maximus.com
                 Phone: 833.617.2777

  • TN PASRR Quarterly Newsletter: Register for Upcoming 7/20-21 Webinars | In-Person Assessments Update | HIPAA Compliance Reminder

    In this latest edition of the Tennessee PASRR Quarterly Newsletter we cover some important topics you might find useful. These include details on the upcoming July 20-21 PASRR Training sessions, an update regarding a return to a hybrid face-to-face assessing planned for August 1st, as well as a best practice reminder on the importance of providing accurate mailing address information to help ensure protection of PHI.

    REGISTER: Summer PASRR Training Sessions | July 20 - 21, 2021

    This summer we are offering NEW training sessions to dive deeper into PASRR! Be sure to join the TN PASRR Training team for these insightful webinars, covering some critical topics.

    UPDATE: Return to In-Person Assessments

    Please be aware that the State of Tennessee is currently projecting a return to a hybrid in-person assessments model for the PASRR program on August 1, 2021. This revised plan will also include an option for virtual assessments in certain cases, using Zoom secure video conferencing. Additional details will be shared as we move closer to this planned transition date.

    HIPAA REMINDER: Address Accuracy Critical to Compliance

    Did you know that PASRR has required mailings as a critical part of the process of getting individuals the services they need? Maximus relies on the submitter who initiated the screen to provide the correct mailing addresses for recipients, guardians, and when applicable, attending physicians. Maximus may be required to issue multiple surface mail notices at various points in the process - from the date of the decision to one business day from the decision.

    The submitter plays a crucial role in protecting an individual's PHI from potential breaches. Entering correct and current mailing address information is one of the most important ways that a Provider can help ensure HIPAA compliance as each person is stewarded through the required PASRR documentation process.

    SUPPORT: Tennessee PASRR Help Desk Contacts



  • Quarterly Newsletter: Best Practice Process Reminders, Training Series Resources, Help Desk Contacts

    For the Tennessee PASRR Newsletter for Winter 2021, we cover several important topics that are critical for providers. Be sure to review these useful updates and reminders shown below, which include: 

    • Best Practice: PASRR Process Reminders
    • Resources: Review Training Series Content
    • Contact: Reach the Tennessee PASRR Help Desk

    BEST PRACTICE: PASRR Process Reminders
    The Tennessee PASRR Support Team tracks questions fielded by state providers, as well as potential issues that may crop up with PASRR Level I and Level II processes. Below are a few best practices to keep in mind when working on a referral.

    1. Include form(s) of identification
      An individual cannot be placed in a facility without some form of ID for PASRR. When an individual has no Social Security Number, Work Visa or other forms of ID listed in their referral submission data, it raises red flags and slows down the process. Please make every effort to find and include an appropriate form of ID. If after researching for appropriate ID, you may reach out to the TN Help Desk for a PASRR PIN number.  It is very important that you research all possibilities for the individual's ID prior to contacting the Help Desk to request an alternative number, for PASRR only.

    2. Closely monitor data input
      The TN PASRR Support Team sometimes find the information for one individual in a different individual's PASRR Level I upload made by providers. When inputting an individual's information, always be careful to check that the correct data is being put into the PASRR. 

    3. Data accuracy tips
      Make sure to include any relevant information related to deficits. Also, be sure to respond as soon as possible to any email requests and voicemails, when Level I is asking for more information.

    RESOURCES: TN PASRR Training Series Presentations

    A few months ago, the Tennessee PASRR Training team and TennCare hosted an informative Training Series, covering several key topics relevant to state providers. If you were unable to join the sessions or would like a refresher on one of the topics discussed, click on one of the presentation links below or go to the TN PASRR Resources page for access to these and other learning materials.

    After clicking on a link above, register to view when prompted.

    CONTACT: Reach out to the Help Desk
    Have questions about an assessment? Contact the TN PASRR Help Desk: 

    Ascend-TNPASRR@maximus.com |  833.617.2777

  • TN PASRR Quarterly Provider Newsletter: Best Practice Tips | Web Browser Support Changes

    For the TN PASRR Quarterly Provider Newsletter, we've gathered some helpful guidance for the state's provider community. Please read on below for some important updates, including a notice about a 30-day PASRR suspension period, best practice tips regarding required assessment documents, a reminder about the program's updated Help Desk phone number, new online training resources, and information about the Healthcare Worker Help Line. Also included are details on a change coming to the TN PASRR system's internet browser support.

    PROGRAM UPDATE: State to Halt PASRR Assessments for 30 Days

    Assistant Deputy Chief, LTSS Operations, Kristeena Wilson, announced a decision by TennCare to implement a 30-day PASRR suspension period - which will commence today, December 22nd and terminate on Thursday, January 21st. PASRR processes must resume with full adherence to federal PASRR processes on, or before that date. 

    Click here to review the press release.

    BEST PRACTICES: Assessment Tips & Reminders

    1. Be sure to include all supporting documentation when submitting a Level I. This includes:
    • H&P (within a year)
    • Current Medication list or MAR
    • Physician Attestation
    • Other medical documentation to support the condition for which they are admitting the to the facility.

        2. Please note that the TN PASRR Help Desk phone number has changed to:


       3. Several new training resources were added to the TN PASRR Provider Tools &  Resources site this week. Look for these new educational materials under the Education and Training subheader.

      4. Need to talk to someone about feelings of stress, anxiety, sadness, or depression related to work? The COVID-19 Emotional Support Line for healthcare workers can help. Call 888.642.7886 - call takers are available from 6 a.m. - 10 p.m. (CT), and 7 a.m. - 11 p.m. (ET) each day.


    IT UPDATE: Support Change for Internet Explorer & Firefox
    Beginning January 1st, Maximus support for Internet Explorer and Firefox in the TN PASRR system will no longer be offered. Moving forward, user browser support will be supported for one of the two most recent versions of the following browsers: Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome. This change reflects a focus on browsers which provide optimum system performance and usage.

    SUPPORT: Contact the TN PASRR Help Desk
    Have questions about an assessment? Contact the TN PASRR Help Desk: 

    Ascend-TNPASRR@maximus.com |  833.617.2777