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Maximus has been contracted by the State of North Dakota’s Department of Human Services to implement and manage its Qualified Individual assessment process for Qualified Residential Treatment Programs (QRTPs) as part of the Family First Prevention Services Act (FFPSA) program. In this role, assessments are conducted to determine appropriate level of care for foster children.

Are you a master's level professional with great experience working with children and are you interested in working as an assessor with the North Dakota FFPSA program? Click here to learn more, or contact our Recruiting team directly:

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  • Quarterly Case Worker Newsletter: Important Process Reminders and Best Practices

    For the North Dakota FFPSA-QRTP Newsletter for Summer 2021, we cover several timely topics that may be of interest to you. Be sure to review the updates shown below, which include: 

    • Process: Referral Hold Guidance
    • Best Practice: Verifying QRTP Placement Dates
    • Reminder: Supplying Referral Documentation
    • Support: ND FFPSA-QRTP Help Desk 

    PROCESS: Referral Hold Guidance

    Keep in mind that any referral submitted without the FC Case Number or the child's Social Security Number (for Tribal or VTP referrals) is considered incomplete. Maximus must have this information to process the referral. Not including this information with the initial submission can cause a hold to be placed on the referral, and can negatively impact turnaround times. 

    Case Worker interviews are a vital part of the ND QRTP Independent Assessment process. When completing Initial and Continued Stay assessments, a Maximus team member will be contacting the referring child's Case Worker for interview. The assessment cannot be completed without this interview. If you plan to submit a referral and are aware you will be out of office, please notify Maximus via the email Help Desk to provide notification of another contact for interview; the other option is to include this information in the referral submission to Maximus.

    BEST PRACTICE: Verifying QRTP Placement Dates

    QRTP placement dates (e.g. QRTP date of entry) provided to Maximus play an important role in ensuring that QRTP letter date alignment is consistent with the ND CFS payment system. Be sure to always respond to Maximus calls and emails verifying this information. Failure to respond may impact how soon a determination is provided.

    REMINDER: Supplying Referral Documentation

    Referral documentation (e.g., treatment notes, permanency plans, assessments, progress notes) are required for all referrals. A referral will not be processed without the following documentation provided to Maximus:


    SUPPORT: North Dakota FFPSA-QRTP Help Desk Contacts

    Phone: 844.933.3772

  • Quarterly Case Worker Newsletter: Important Process Reminders | QRTP and CANS Refresher

    For the North Dakota FFPSA-QRTP Newsletter for Winter 2021, we cover several timely topics that may be of interest to you. Be sure to review the updates shown below, which include: 

    • Process: Important QRTP Reminders
    • New Resource: QRTP and CANS Refresher
    • Support: ND FFPSA-QRTP Help Desk

    PROCESS: Important QRTP Reminders

    1. Referring a Child to a ND QRTP
      To request admission consideration of a ND QRTP, Maximus must receive
      a completed copy of the ND SFN 824 Universal Application, which can be found at:

    2. Continued Stays: Child Continuing Treatment In a QRTP
      Following the 90-approval period, if continued treatment in a QRTP is needed, all Continued Stay Referrals must contain a completed copy of the Continued Stay Review Form, found at:

    3. Reconsideration Request: Denied QRTP
      Additional information for review or change in behavior/symptoms since determination was issued - all Reconsideration Requests must include the QRTP Qualified Individual Desk Reconsideration Request Form, available here.

    4. QRTP Extension Request Form
      Requests for extensions of QRTP approval periods may be made for a period of up to 14 days. This request form can be found here. If approval is needed for longer than 14 additional days, please complete the Continued Stay Review. This form may NOT be used if a child will soon meet their placement maximum.

    5. Resolving Fax Issues
      if you're unable to fax any communication to Maximus, such as a Universal Application, Continued Stay Request, or Extension Request, please email it to the ND QRTP Help Desk and our Project Support Staff will ensure it gets addressed.

    6. QRTP Entry Date
      We appreciate the communication all Case Managers do on behalf of the children we all serve together in North Dakota. One important piece of communication Maximus may confirm and reconfirm is the child's QRTP entry date. This is a VITAL piece of the assessment process to ensure the child's QRTP approval periods are aligned for payment. Please continued to provide communication to the Maximus team members when they are contacting you to help ensure the most accurate and up-to-date entry date to a QRTP. 


    NOTE: The Continued Stay Sample Form and Universal Application Sample Form, as well as several other program support documents are all available on the ND FFPSA-QRTP Resources page - shown below.





    Our Training Team hosted an insightful webinar last December, offering a 360 look at ND QRTP processes. If you were unable to attend or would like to have an overview of the content covered, be sure to select the link below to review the presentation:

    This helpful resource and other training materials can all be found on the ND FFPSA-QRTP Tools and Resources page.

    SUPPORT: North Dakota FFPSA-QRTP Help Desk Contacts

    Phone: 844.933.3772