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Maximus contracts to provide online PASRR Level I and Level II IDD screening and online Level of Care utilization review for long-term care populations.

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  • PASRR Process Reminders - Respite Categoricals | Medicaid Number Field in AssessmentPro | LOC Denials

    The Indiana PASRR program team at Maximus and the Family and Social Services Administration (FSSA) have gathered a few helpful reminders for state providers to keep in mind as we bring individuals through the PASRR process. Be sure to review the helpful tips below and please reach out for support with any additional questions to:

    1. Respite Categoricals
      A respite categorical is available for people in the community. Community settings include a person’s home, Emergency/observation room, and assisted living and residential care facilities. Hospital admissions, nursing facilities and psychiatric facilities are not community settings.

      The approved outcome must be received prior to admission to the nursing facility. If the person has been admitted to the nursing home prior to the approved outcome, it will follow the full level II process.
    2. Filling Out Medicaid Number in AssessmentPro
      The Medicaid number field in the Level of Care requires a “+” for non-traditional Medicaid/Medicaid pending, a “N” if no Medicaid and the “9 digit number” for Medicaid recipients. Please use the “+” for this field for insurance policy numbers.
    3. Level of Care Denials
      If a provider receives a LOC denial for a person who has discharged from their facility, the AAA will follow the same protocol used prior to Maximus completing reviews. If there is no such protocol, the Care Manager will seek direction from their supervisor. It is acceptable for AAAs to do DBRs when either a person has already been discharged from a NF or when a person refuses to participate. These exceptions will require permission from the PASRR Director.

    QUESTIONS? Contact Indiana PASRR Support

    Phone: 833.597.2777


  • IN PASRR Quarterly Newsletter: Register for Upcoming 7/28 Webinar | Review AssessmentPro Best Practice Reminders

    In this latest edition of the Indiana PASRR Quarterly Newsletter, the program support team is excited to share registration details on the upcoming PASRR 101 Webinar, planned for Wednesday, July 28, as well as some insights into why providers might want to opt for the digital upload feature in AssessmentPro rather than submitting materials via fax. Continue reading below to learn more.

    REGISTER: Return to PASRR Basics | 11 a.m. ET Wed, 7/28
    Are you new to PASRR or would like a refresher on some specific topics? Join the Indiana PASRR training team for the upcoming webinar: Return to PASRR Basics at 11 a.m. ET on Wednesday, July 28. During this insightful session, participants will learn more about the importance of this vital program and breakdown of the process. Select the link below to register for this event: 

    Return to PASRR Basics | 11 a.m. ET on Wednesday, 7/28 

    After registering, you will be sent a confirmation email containing details on how to join the meeting.

    ASSESSMENTPRO TIP: Uploading Files Directly to the System
    AssessmentPro simplifies the submission process, making uploading both easier and faster than faxing. A few advantages of direct system submission of supporting documentation include:

    1. Immediate receipt confirmation
      The moment you upload, you can see the documents on the individual's assessment record. This allows you to confirm receipt of those materials by Maximus in real time.
    2. Speed up the process
      Documents get to Maximus more quickly, reducing delays for you and the individuals you're serving.
    3. Avoid potential fax issues
      Direct system upload allows AssessmentPro users to avoid any potential issues with fax receipt or document clarity. If a fax line goes down, users who upload do not experience any delays. Uploaded documents do not have distorted text, which can potentially occur with a fax.

    SUPPORT: Indiana PASRR Help Desk Contacts

    Phone: 833.597.2777

  • IN PASRR Quarterly Newsletter | Identifying Individuals With No SSN | Mailing Address Accuracy & HIPAA Compliance

    In this Spring 2021 edition of the Indiana PASRR Quarterly Newsletter we cover a few important topics, state providers may find useful. These include instructions on correctly designating a patient in AssessmentPro who doesn't have a known social security number, a link to the updated IN PASRR FAQs, as well as a best practice reminder on the importance of providing accurate mailing address information to help ensure protection of PHI.

    HOW TO: Identifying Individual in AssessmentPro With Unknown SSN

    What should you do if a patient is confused and cannot provide information (e.g., doesn't know her/his social security number) and the family is also unable to provide the required information?

    AssessmentPro includes an "other" option with several secondary identifiers. If you do not have access to one of these, contact the state to assist with research.

    Details on this Frequently Asked Question and other useful system and process guidance is all available in the updated Indiana PASRR FAQs

    Click here to download this helpful resource.

    REMINDER: Mailing Address Accuracy Critical to Compliance 
    Did you know that PASRR has required mailings as a critical part of the process of getting individuals the services they need? Maximus relies on the submitter who initiated the screen to provide the correct mailing addresses for recipients, guardians, and when applicable, attending physicians. Maximus may be required to issue multiple surface mail notices at various points in the process - from the date of the decision to one business day from the decision.

    The submitter plays a crucial role in protecting an individual's PHI from potential breaches. Entering correct and current mailing address information is one of the most important ways that a Provider can help ensure HIPAA compliance as each person is stewarded through the required PASRR documentation process.

    SUPPORT: Indiana PASRR Help Desk Contacts

    Phone: 833.597.2777

  • IN PASRR Quarterly Newsletter: Register for 3/03 Q&A Webinar | Best Practice Process Reminders

    For the Indiana PASRR Newsletter for Winter 2021, we cover several important topics that are critical for providers. Be sure to review these useful updates and reminders shown below, which include: 

    • Register: 3/03 Provider Q&A Webinar
    • Best Practice: PASRR process reminder
    • Support: IN PASRR Help Desk contacts

    REGISTER: Provider Q&A Webinar | Wednesday, 3/03
    Find answers to your toughest PASRR questions at the upcoming Provider Q&A Webinar, taking place on Wednesday, March 3rd at 3 p.m. EST. Click the link below to register in advance for this informative session:


    BEST PRACTICE: PASRR Process Reminders

    1. Providers should not submit a PASRR for an individual who is no longer in their facility. If they are not there, the PASRR will be cancelled.
    2. Please make sure to have a contact that can complete the Level II with the independent contractor (IC) over the phone and can assist the IC to contact the individual to be interviewed, if the person is able to complete a phone interview.  
    3. The contact information should be placed in the text box on the Level I, if the contact person is not the same as the submitter who submitted the Level I.
    4. Be sure to update the Medicaid field in Assessment Pro once an individual gets a Medicaid number.
    5. When emailing the Help Desk, be sure to include all the demographics of the individual. 

    Have other questions regarding updating an individual's information in AssessmentPro? Click here for a helpful AP User Guide.


    SUPPORT: Indiana PASRR Help Desk Contacts

    Phone: 833.597.2777
    Web Resources:

  • IN PASRR Quarterly Newsletter: New Categoricals Available | Asset Verification System Coming in December

    In this edition of the Indiana PASRR Provider Newsletter, we share some important details on two new categoricals available: Terminal Illness and Convalescent Care. Also, be sure to closely review information about the planned December 2020 implementation for the new Asset Verification System.

    NEW CATEGORICALS: Convalescent Care & Terminal Illness 

    Indiana is implementing two new categorical options to PASRR, Terminal illness and Convalescent Care. Tuesday, November 10th is the planned go-live date for these new categoricals.

    The following criteria must be met for the Terminal Illness Categorical:

    All terminal illness categorical requests seeking nursing facility care require the following documents. 

    • History & Physical within 12 months
    • Level I screen
    • Level of Care screen

    And one of the following documents:

    • Hospice certification (this document can be found on the Indiana FSSA website) or
    • Physician's documentation stating a terminal illness or life expectancy of 6 months or less is present

    The following criteria must be met for Convalescent Care Categorical:

    The Convalescent Categorical is a short-term exemption from the PASRR process for a person with known or suspected MI, ID, or RC who: 

    • Received acute inpatient treatment in a medical hospital and is discharging from the hospital to a nursing facility after receiving medical (non-psychiatric) services, and
    • Needs short-term treatment between 31 to 60 calendar days in a NF for the same condition in which the person was hospitalized. Emergency Department discharges to the nursing facility do not qualify for the Convalescent situations.
    • Are psychiatrically stable and does not present a risk of harm to self or others

    For Maximus to apply the Convalescent Categorical:

    • The person must meet the criteria listed above, and the hospital provider must: 
    • Complete a Level I screen,
    • Level of care screen prior to nursing facility admissions
    • Upload a current History & Physical within the past 12 months to the person's Level I in AssessmentPro

    UPDATE: New Asset Verification System - December 2020

    The new Asset Verification System will be implemented beginning December 2020. All states are required to implement this system under Section 1940 of the Social Security Act.

    Beginning in December 2020, individuals who have data gathering interviews for new Medicaid applications may have their resources - such as bank accounts, real property and vehicles - verified using the Asset Verification System. Members and applicants for whom assets are a factor in their eligibility will have an electronic request sent to verify assets in their name or in the name of other family members whose assets are used in determining their eligibility (such as their spouse). The request will be sent to sources such as Equifax and Lexis-Nexus, and the information will be returned to the Division of Family Resources for processing. If the AVS discovers assets that the applicant or member did not report, but the assets do not put them over the asset limit, eligibility can still be approved. The member or applicant will also be sent a pending verification form to verify assets, and if a discrepancy is discovered by the Asset Verification System, they will have the opportunity to rebut the information. If a rebuttal is received by the due date (13 days from the date mailed), then it will be reviewed and processed by DFR to determine the correct values to use. For ongoing members that require assets to be verified during their annual redetermination, the AVS process will begin March 2021. As a part of this change, authorized representatives will also now receive a full copy of their client's Medicaid redetermination mailer, and will be more easily able to assist in returning any information required to continue eligibility. 

    Please note, until the month after the federal public health emergency ends, FSSA will continue to not close Medicaid for members unless they voluntarily withdraw from the program, move out of Indiana, or pass away.

    SUPPORT: Indiana PASRR Help Desk Contacts

    Phone: 833.597.2777
    Web Resources: