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Maximus contracts to provide online PASRR Level I and Level II IDD screening and online Level of Care utilization review for long-term care populations.

Stay connected to important program updates and helpful program resources. If you aren't currently on the Indiana PASRR contact list, please reach out to the Help Desk with your name and facility name: 833.597.2777 |

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  • Quarterly Provider Newsletter: Register for September Provider Meeting – Preparing for a Level II Interview | Public Health Emergency Extension | Process Reminders

    LEARNING OPPORTUNITY: Register for Next Provider Meeting  
    When you submit a PASRR Level I for a person who needs a Level II, there are some critical questions that need to be asked. Be sure to join the Indiana PASRR Program Team for the next insightful Provider Meeting, as they discuss the information required and the questions you may receive. 
    Click the link below to register for this upcoming hour-long event. 

    Indiana PASRR – Provider Meeting | Topic: Preparing for a LII Interview  | 3 p.m. – 4 p.m. ET Wednesday, September 21


    UPDATE: Public Health Emergency Extended Through October

    The Department of Health & Human Services recently announced a 90-day extension of the nationwide COVID-19 public health emergency (PHE). This means the PHE will last through at least mid-October and could potentially be extended again. The Administration continues to reiterate its commitment to providing states and other stakeholders at least 60 days’ notice before ending the PHE. 
    To prepare for the end of the PHE, check out this webinar from the National Center on Law & Elder Rights, Justice in Aging, and The Arc on Unwinding the Public Health Emergency: Strategies for Advocates to Protect Beneficiaries and resources from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS)


    TOP TIPS: Important Process Reminders 

    1. Sign Scheduling Attestation
    Be sure to always sign the scheduling attestation for the IC interview for LII in order to document that the interview took place.  

    2. Information needed for every fax submission 
    When sending faxes, be sure to include all necessary information. Most critically, this should include individual’s name, date of birth (DOB) and sender / facility name. These help to ensure this person’s assessment process continues to move smoothly without any delays.  


    SUPPORT: Contact the Indiana PASRR Help Desk

    Phone: 833.597.2777

  • System Update: IP Address for AssessmentPro to be Updated on Wednesday, June 15, 2022

    On the evening of Wednesday, June 15, the Maximus IT team will update the IP address for This change is not expected to affect any existing bookmark or site access for the majority of all system users.

    In the unlikely event this change does affect your ability to access the site after the transition date, please contact your organization’s IT support team. Notify them that you require updated access to the AssessmentPro site and forward the detail below so that they can add the information to their list of approved IP addresses.

    Web Domain:

    New IP Address:

  • Quarterly Provider Newsletter: Best Practice Reminders + Process Update - Illinois PASRR Program Now in AssessmentPro

    PROCESS UPDATE: Illinois PASRR Assessments Now in AssessmentPro System
    Effective Monday, March 14, the Illinois PASRR program was added to the AssessmentPro system. As a facility in a nearby state, you may need to enter a Level I screen for someone who is going to a Nursing Facility (NF) in Illinois. you will need to complete an Illinois PASRR Assessment. To do this, follow the step-by-step instructions below:

    Step one: Log into AssessmentPro with your username and password.

    Step two: Select the option to Create New Screen.


    Step three: Select the state location of the NF that the person will be admitted to in dropdown box for State of Admittance

    (Example – the individual is in an Indiana hospital and going to an Illinois Nursing facility, then you choose Illinois).


    Step four: Follow the remaining prompts and complete the Level I screen. Once the PASRR is complete and you have an outcome, you can print that off and give it to the NF.

    BEST PRACTICES: PASRR Process and System Reminders

    1. Make sure that your facility has more than one Facility Administrator set up in the AssessmentPro system. This is a critical step to help ensure that PASRR processes can continue moving forward in case the other Administrator is out of the office.
    2. Be sure to discharge patients who are no longer in AssessmentPro. Payment is not dependent on keeping the individual’s record listed in their facility, even if they are no longer there.
    3. Don’t wait for a Level of Care (LOC) to expire.
    4. Be mindful that an 1135 waiver is valid for 30 days. Per FSSA, a retrospective level of care cannot be approved without a compliant PASRR.
    5. Always remember to check the Submitting Location information and change if necessary, to avoid submitting for the wrong facility.
    6. Make sure someone is available for a PASRR Level II interview. If it is not the Level I submitter who should be contacted, please make sure to put the Level II contact person in the Communication box, so that the IN PASRR support team is aware of who to call to complete the Level II interview.
    7. Always contact the Help Desk to cancel a Level II as soon as possible, if the individual discharges or is admitted to the hospital.

    SUPPORT: Contact the Indiana PASRR Help Desk

    Phone: 833.597.2777

  • Quarterly Newsletter: Register for 1/11 Provider Webinar | DOA Waiver + Aging & Disabled Waiver | LII Assessor Support

    In this final edition of the Indiana PASRR - Quarterly Provider Newsletter for 2021, we focus on several timely topics geared toward understanding more about PASRR process updates, clarifications, as well as an important learning opportunity planned for January. Continue reading below to learn more about these items, which include:

    • Registration for the 1/11 PASRR Provider Webinar 
    • Process updates on the DOA Waiver 
    • Reminders on HCBS Waiver and Aging & Disabled Waiver 
    • Availability for Level II Assessor questions 
    • Indiana PASRR Help Desk support 

    REGISTER: IN PASRR Provider Webinar | 10:00 a.m. ET on Tuesday, January 11 

    Be sure to join members of our Maximus IN PASRR training team to review PASRR and some tips and tricks for working with AssessmentPro. If you are new to PASRR, this session is for you! 

    Click the link below to register in advance for this informative session:

    PROCESS UPDATE: DOA Waiver is no Longer a Substitute for the LOC

    Please be aware that an uploaded waiver will no longer stand as substitute for Level of Care (LOC). A long form LOC is needed in addition to the attachment of the Division of Aging waiver. This excludes BDDS community waivers for MFP/CIH. 

    REMINDER: Clarifications on the Aging & Disabled Waiver

    Does the Aging & Disabled waiver bypass the need for a new Level of Care (LOC)? Technically the LOC from the waiver applies nursing facilities, but if a new LOC isn't entered then it will never auto-update.

    Also, be mindful that even if a person has a Freedom of Choice letter from their Aging & Disabled Waiver, they will still need to complete a Level of Care (LOC) in the AssessmentPro system. 

    BEST PRACTICE: Availability to Level II Assessors

    It's imperative that Assessors can get access to all necessary supporting documentation. With that in mind, be sure to return any calls or emails received from Assessors regarding a current Level II assessment at your earliest convenience. This will help to ensure that the individuals we serve together get access to the services and supports they need as quickly as possible.

    QUESTIONS? Contact Indiana PASRR Support

    Phone: 833.597.2777


  • PASRR Process Reminders - Respite Categoricals | Medicaid Number Field in AssessmentPro | LOC Denials

    The Indiana PASRR program team at Maximus and the Family and Social Services Administration (FSSA) have gathered a few helpful reminders for state providers to keep in mind as we bring individuals through the PASRR process. Be sure to review the helpful tips below and please reach out for support with any additional questions to:

    1. Respite Categoricals
      A respite categorical is available for people in the community. Community settings include a person’s home, Emergency/observation room, and assisted living and residential care facilities. Hospital admissions, nursing facilities and psychiatric facilities are not community settings.

      The approved outcome must be received prior to admission to the nursing facility. If the person has been admitted to the nursing home prior to the approved outcome, it will follow the full level II process.
    2. Filling Out Medicaid Number in AssessmentPro
      The Medicaid number field in the Level of Care requires a “+” for non-traditional Medicaid/Medicaid pending, a “N” if no Medicaid and the “9 digit number” for Medicaid recipients. Please use the “+” for this field for insurance policy numbers.
    3. Level of Care Denials
      If a provider receives a LOC denial for a person who has discharged from their facility, the AAA will follow the same protocol used prior to Maximus completing reviews. If there is no such protocol, the Care Manager will seek direction from their supervisor. It is acceptable for AAAs to do DBRs when either a person has already been discharged from a NF or when a person refuses to participate. These exceptions will require permission from the PASRR Director.

    QUESTIONS? Contact Indiana PASRR Support

    Phone: 833.597.2777


  • IN PASRR Quarterly Newsletter: Register for Upcoming 7/28 Webinar | Review AssessmentPro Best Practice Reminders

    In this latest edition of the Indiana PASRR Quarterly Newsletter, the program support team is excited to share registration details on the upcoming PASRR 101 Webinar, planned for Wednesday, July 28, as well as some insights into why providers might want to opt for the digital upload feature in AssessmentPro rather than submitting materials via fax. Continue reading below to learn more.

    REGISTER: Return to PASRR Basics | 11 a.m. ET Wed, 7/28
    Are you new to PASRR or would like a refresher on some specific topics? Join the Indiana PASRR training team for the upcoming webinar: Return to PASRR Basics at 11 a.m. ET on Wednesday, July 28. During this insightful session, participants will learn more about the importance of this vital program and breakdown of the process. Select the link below to register for this event: 

    Return to PASRR Basics | 11 a.m. ET on Wednesday, 7/28 

    After registering, you will be sent a confirmation email containing details on how to join the meeting.

    ASSESSMENTPRO TIP: Uploading Files Directly to the System
    AssessmentPro simplifies the submission process, making uploading both easier and faster than faxing. A few advantages of direct system submission of supporting documentation include:

    1. Immediate receipt confirmation
      The moment you upload, you can see the documents on the individual's assessment record. This allows you to confirm receipt of those materials by Maximus in real time.
    2. Speed up the process
      Documents get to Maximus more quickly, reducing delays for you and the individuals you're serving.
    3. Avoid potential fax issues
      Direct system upload allows AssessmentPro users to avoid any potential issues with fax receipt or document clarity. If a fax line goes down, users who upload do not experience any delays. Uploaded documents do not have distorted text, which can potentially occur with a fax.

    SUPPORT: Indiana PASRR Help Desk Contacts

    Phone: 833.597.2777